UNITED Adds 4 More Domestic Routes from Chicago from June 2014

UNITED from June 2014 is introducing additional 4 domestic routes out of Chicago, with service to Bangor, Cody, Erie and Flint. Planned operation as follow.

eff 05JUN14 Chicago – Bangor 1 daily (2 daily in July/August 2014)
UA3625 ORD1310 – 1643BGR CR7 D
UA3620 ORD1900 – 2233BGR CR7 D

UA3669 BGR0645 – 0827ORD CR7 D
UA3625 BGR1718 – 1900ORD CR7 D

UA3620 operates from 02JUL14 to 17AUG14
UA3669 operates from 03JUL14 to 18AUG14

eff 22JUN14 Chicago – Cody 1 weekly (until 19AUG14)
UA6218 ORD1800 – 1957COD CR7 6
UA6237 COD0800 – 1142ORD CR7 7

Following new service replaces existing operations to/from Cleveland:
eff 05JUN14 Chicago – Erie 2 daily
UA3274 ORD1310 – 1538ERI ERJ D
UA4713 ORD1930 – 2158ERI ERJ D

UA6133 ERI0645 – 0717ORD ERJ D
UA3274 ERI1608 – 1640ORD ERJ D

eff 05JUN14 Chicago – Flint 3 daily
UA4174 ORD0815 – 1015FNT ERJ D
UA4165 ORD1320 – 1520FNT ERJ D
UA4407 ORD1950 – 2150FNT ERJ D

UA4149 FNT0615 – 0630ORD ERJ D
UA4174 FNT1045 – 1100ORD ERJ D
UA4165 FNT1550 – 1605ORD ERJ D