British Airways Ends 2 Routes from London City eff late-Oct 2014

British Airways from 26OCT14 is cancelling 2 routes from London City, which sees the end of 15 weekly service to Aberdeen and 16 weekly to Stockholm. Operational schedule from 01SEP14 to 25OCT14 as follow.

London City – Aberdeen
BA3292 LCY0850 – 1020ABZ E70 x567
BA3296 LCY1525 – 1655ABZ EQV x67
BA3298 LCY1920 – 2050ABZ E70 7
BA3298 LCY1930 – 2100ABZ EQV x67

BA3291 ABZ0645 – 0820LCY E70 x567
BA3295 ABZ1200 – 1330LCY E70 x567
BA3295 ABZ1325 – 1455LCY E90 5
BA3297 ABZ1730 – 1900LCY EQV x6

London City – Stockholm
BA8491 LCY0920 – 1245ARN E70 x67
BA8495 LCY1250 – 1610ARN E70 x67
BA8493 LCY1855 – 2220ARN E70 x6