British Airways Jan 2015 Tokyo Narita Service Reductions

British Airways during the month of January 2015 is reducing a number of operations on London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita route, which sees cancellation of 12 round-trip flights. Planned cancellation dates for the month of January 2015 (LHR departure, NRT departs the following day) as follow:

07JAN15 – 08JAN15, 12JAN15, 14JAN15 – 16JAN15, 18JAN15 – 19JAN15, 22JAN15, 25JAN15 – 26JAN15, 28JAN15

BA005 LHR1240 – 0925+1NRT 77W D
BA006 NRT1120 – 1500LHR 77W D

On London Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda route, BA cancels following service (LHR departure, HND departs the following day): 20JAN15, 21JAN15, 27JAN15