Lufthansa S15 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 09OCT14

2nd Update at 2000GMT 09OCT14

Lufthansa today (09OCT14) adjusted its Long-Haul Summer 2015 operations, from 29MAR15. In Summer 2015, Lufthansa gradually introduces Premium Economy Class service throughout majority of its long-haul fleet, while reducing number of seats offered in First and Business Class.

Further changes remain possible.

First Class service is cancelled on following Boeing 747-400 routes, operating as 2-class C67M322 configuration (C67M304 from 26JUN15). Premium Economy (C67E32M272) begins from 12AUG15:
Frankfurt – Tokyo Narita First Class 747-400 service cancelled since Summer 2014
eff 26MAR15 Frankfurt – Vancouver Previously effective from Feb 2015
eff 29MAR15 Frankfurt – Toronto
eff 10APR15 Frankfurt – Denver
eff 07MAY15 Frankfurt – Shanghai Pu Dong LH732/733
eff 15MAY15 Frankfurt – Orlando
eff 25MAY15 Frankfurt – Boston LH420/421
eff 25MAY15 Frankfurt – Osaka Kansai 3-class replaces 2-class 29MAR15 – 24MAY15
eff 22JUN15 Frankfurt – Washington Dulles LH416/417
eff 30JUN15 Frankfurt – Mumbai
eff 30JUN15 Frankfurt – Seattle A340-300 replaced by 747-400 from 29MAR15, 3-class aircraft operates from 29MAR15 to 29JUN15

Following A330-300 Service will see configuration change from F8C48M161 to F8C36M193, from 01MAY15:
Munich – Boston
Munich – Charlotte
Munich – Dubai
Munich – Mumbai
Munich – New York JFK
Munich – Riyadh
Munich – Toronto
Munich – Vancouver from 14MAY15
Munich – Washington Dulles

Following A340-300 Service will see configuration change from C42M225 to C30M249, from 27APR15:
Frankfurt – Atlanta
* Frankfurt – Bangkok
Frankfurt – Chennai
Frankfurt – Dallas
Frankfurt – Dubai
* Frankfurt – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta
* Frankfurt – Nagoya
Frankfurt – Nanjing
Frankfurt – Shenyang – Qingdao
Frankfurt – Philadelphia from 29APR15
Frankfurt – Montreal from 03JUL15, selected flights

* from 03JUN15, Premium Economy Class (C30E28M221) will be introduced

Following A340-300 Service from Dusseldorf will switch from 2-class (C42M225) to 3-class with Premium Economy (C42E28M181), from 04MAY15:
Dussledorf – Chicago
Dusseldorf – Newark

Following A340-600 Service will see configuration change from F8C56M217 to F8C44M245, from the week of 14MAY15:
Munich – Boston until 14JUN15; A340-600 replaces A330-300 from 14MAY15
Munich – Chicago until 14JUN15
Munich – Delhi 2 of 7 weekly operated by A340-600 instead of A330-300 from 29MAR15

Following A340-600 Service will see configuration change from F8C56E28M189 to F8C44E32M213:
eff 29MAR15 Munich – Tokyo Haneda
eff 14MAY15 Munich – Hong Kong
eff 14MAY15 Munich – Seoul Incheon
eff 14MAY15 Munich – Shanghai Pu Dong

Airbus A340-600 Premium Economy Class service (F8C44E32M213) to be introduced on following routes:
*eff 12MAY15 Munich – Beijing
*eff 12MAY15 Munich – Los Angeles
*eff 12MAY15 Munich – Mexico City
*eff 12MAY15 Munich – Newark
*eff 12MAY15 Munich – San Francisco
*eff 12MAY15 Munich – Sao Paulo
eff 15JUN15 Munich – Boston
eff 15JUN15 Munich – Chicago
eff 27JUL15 Munich – New York JFK (A340-600 replaces A330-300 from 01JUL15)
eff 20AUG15 Frankfurt – Bogota
eff 20AUG15 Frankfurt – Detroit
eff 20AUG15 Frankfurt – Tehran

* Service on 12/13MAY15 operates with F8C56E28M189 configuration, Service entry date previously reported on Airline Route

Airbus A380 replaces Boeing 747-8I on following routes:
eff 29MAR15 Frankfurt – Los Angeles LH456/457
eff 16APR15 Frankfurt – Beijing Seasonal 747-8I operation extended until 15APR15
eff 26APR15 Frankfurt – Seoul Incheon

Airbus A380 Premium Economy Class Service (F8C78E52M371) to be introduced on following routes:
eff 29MAR15
Frankfurt – Beijing (eff 16APR15)
Frankfurt – Los Angeles
Frankfurt – Seoul Incheon

eff 22APR15 (Previously reported)
Frankfurt – Delhi
Frankfurt – Houston
Frankfurt – Johannesburg
Frankfurt – Miami
Frankfurt – New York JFK (LH400/401)
Frankfurt – San Francisco
Frankfurt – Shanghai Pu Dong (LH728/729)
Frankfurt – Singapore

Boeing 747-8I replaces 747-400 on following routes from 29MAR15:
Frankfurt – Boston eff 27APR15 LH422/423
Frankfurt – Buenos Aires Previously listed as 747-400 from 29MAR15
Frankfurt – Newark
Frankfurt – New York JFK LH404/405; Previously listed as 747-400 from 29MAR15

Other changes:
Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi – Muscat eff 04SEP15 Airbus A340-300 (C30M249) replaces A330-300
Frankfurt – Doha – Bahrain eff 01JUL15 Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-300
Frankfurt – Luanda Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-300 (Previously reported, however operational frequency currently listing 2 weekly instead of 3)
Frankfurt – Montreal Day 6 service operated by A340-600 (Seasonal operation from 15MAY15)

Original update filed at 1930GMT. Additional corrections made by 2000GMT.