Lao Airlines Adds Muan Service in Jan 2015

Lao Airlines in January 2015 is operating a total of 8 round-trip flights to Muan in South Korea, with service from Luang Prabang and Vientiane, on board Airbus A320 aircraft. Planned schedule as follow.

Luang Prabang – Muan
QV915 LPQ2330 – 0600+1MWX 320 02JAN15/10JAN15/18JAN15/26JAN15
QV916 MWX0740 – 1050LPQ 320 03JAN15/11JAN15/19JAN15/27JAN15

Vientiane – Muan
QV913 VTE2330 – 0600+1VTE 320 06JAN15/14JAN15/22JAN15/30JAN15
QV914 MWX0740 – 1050VTE 320 07JAN15/15JAN15/23JAN15/31JAN15