US Airways Tentatively Plans Last Boeing 767 Service in Feb 2015

Based on schedule update for the weekend of 03JAN15, US Airways plans to operate last scheduled Boeing 767-200ER aircraft on 11FEB15. Note the operational date for last scheduled Boeing 767-200ER service has been in place with no major changes in the past few weeks.

On 11FEB15, US Airways Boeing 767-200ER is scheduled on following service. Additional changes to planned operational flight number and dates remain subject to change:
Cancun > Charlotte US886
Charlotte > Cancun US885
Charlotte > Orlando US1905 / US725
Charlotte > Philadelphia US1798 (Overall last 767 service, based on schedule listing)
Charlotte > St. Thomas US833
Orlando > Charlotte US885 / US1905 / US746
Philadelphia > Charlotte US833
St. Thomas > Charlotte US808