UNITED S15 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 21FEB15

UNITED in recent weeks gradually updated planned Long-Haul Operations for Summer 2015 season, effective 29MAR15. Latest service adjustment since last report on Airline Route on 13DEC14 as follow. Note some adjustments appeared during the weekend of 21FEB15’s schedule update.

Chicago – London Heathrow 01AUG15 – 17AUG15 UA958/929 UA 777-200ER replaces UA 767-300ER
Houston – Frankfurt Revised operational aircraft as follow
*07APR15 – 15APR15 767-300ER
16APR15 – 05MAY15 CO 777-200ER (Previously not reported on Airline Route)
06MAY15 – 03JUN15 787-8 (Previously not reported on Airline Route)
eff 04JUN15 CO 777-200ER

eff 04JUN15 CO 777-200ER replaces 787-8 (787-8 operates from 05MAR15)
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita UA 777-200ER being replaced by following aircraft during selected periods:
04JUN15 – 01JUL15 747-400
02JUL15 – 17AUG15 787-9 (No First Class service offered)
* eff 18AUG15 777-200ER (First Class Reservation remains closed; Previously listed as 747-400)

Newark – Barcelona Planned Boeing 767-300ER operation in May and August 2015 cancelled, and will be operated by 767-400ER (06MAY15 – 17AUG15)
Newark – Berlin Tegel CO 757 replaced by following aircraft
04JUN15 – 01JUL15 UA 767-300ER
* 02JUL15 – 31JUL15 CO 767-400ER (Previous plan: UA 767-300ER)
01AUG15 – 17AUG15 UA 767-300ER

Newark – Frankfurt eff 02JUL15 UA 777-200ER replaces CO 767-400ER, daily service (Previous plan: 01AUG15 – 23SEP15)
Newark – Milan Malpensa eff 07APR15 Summer season operates with UA 777-200ER, replacing CO 767-400ER (Previous plan: eff 28MAR15)
Newark – Paris CDG Operational aircraft changes
* 28MAR15 – 05MAY15 UA 767-300ER (operating as UA904/905)
06MAY15 – 31JUL15 CO 767-400ER
* 01AUG15 – 17AUG15 UA 777-200ER (Previous plan: CO 777)
* eff 18AUG15 CO 767-400ER (Previous plan: 757 from 24SEP15)

UA054/055 04JUL15 – 31JUL15 CO 757-200 replaced by UA 767-300ER (operating as UA954/955; Previous plan: 04JUN15 – 31JUL15)

Newark – Zurich 06MAY15 – 23SEP15 UA 767-300ER replaces CO 767-400ER (Previous plan: 06MAY15 – 24OCT15)
San Francisco – Frankfurt 24SEP15 – 23OCT15 UA926/927 continues to be operated by 747-400, instead of UA 777-200ER (Overall remains 2 daily 747)

Specific operational period marked with * represents latest adjustment

Previously reported changes:
Chicago – Beijing eff 18AUG15 UA 777-200ER replaces 747-400, daily service
Chicago – Dublin 04JUN15 – 17AUG15 NEW seasonal daily 757 service
Chicago – Rome 04JUN15 – 23SEP15 NEW seasonal daily UA 777-200ER service
Guam – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 29MAR15 Boeing 737-700 replaces -800, operational day changes also in effect
Hong Kong – Ho Chi Minh 03AUG15 – 01SEP15 Boeing 737-700 replaces -800 on 4 of 7 weekly flights
Houston – Sao Paulo eff 07APR15 Boeing 787-8 replaces 767-300ER/777-200ER
Los Angeles – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 08MAY15 Boeing 787-9 operation (begins from 05MAR15) increases from 3 weekly to daily, replacing -8
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita eff 06MAY15 Boeing 787-9 replaces -8, daily service
Newark – Lisbon 04JUN15 – 17AUG15 UA 767-300ER replaces CO 757, daily service
Newark – London Heathrow 06MAY15 – 17AUG15 Boeing 787 beings operation on 1 of 5 daily service (1 daily CO 777, 3 daily UA 767, 1 daily CO 787)
Newark – Newcastle 22MAY15 – 06SEP15 NEW seasonal 5 weekly 757-200 service
Newark – Venice 04JUN15 – 23SEP15 NEW seasonal daily 767-400ER service
San Francisco – Chengdu 04JUN15 – 30AUG15 Increase from 3 weekly to daily, Boeing 787-8 operating
San Francisco – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 06MAY15 Introduction of 2nd daily service with UA 777-200ER
Tokyo Narita – Singapore 18AUG15 – 23SEP15 747-400 replaces UA 777-200ER, daily service
Washington Dulles – Paris CDG 04JUN15 – 17AUG15 NEW seasonal 2nd daily service by 757-200
Washington Dulles – Rome Service in Summer 2015 operates with CO 767-400ER, replacing UA 777-200ER, daily service
Washington Dulles – Sao Paulo eff 06APR15 UA 767-300ER replaces UA 777-200ER, daily service

As usual further changes remain highly possible.