China Airlines Osaka – South East Asia Charters in August 2015

China Airlines during the month of August 2015 will be offering charter service from Osaka Kansai to South East Asia. In partnership with local tour operators in Japan, the Skyteam member will operate 3 round-trip flights each to Da Nang in Vietnam, Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.

A330-300 aircraft will operate both routes with following schedule.

Osaka Kansai – Da Nang
CI7601 KIX2200 – 0050+1DAD 333 09AUG15/12AUG15/15AUG15
CI7602 DAD0215 – 0850KIX 333 13AUG15/16AUG15/19AUG15

Osaka Kansai – Kota Kinabalu
CI7865 KIX2200 – 0205+1BKI 333 08AUG15/11AUG15/14AUG15
CI7866 BKI0310 – 0900KIX 333 12AUG15/15AUG15/18AUG15