Volotea Continues to Roll Out New Routes in S16

Volotea is further expanding operations from a number of base, with the launch of new routes in summer 2016 season. Planned new service as follow.

eff 02APR16 Nantes – Corfu 1 weekly (2 weekly from 29JUN16 to 31AUG16)
eff 02APR16 Nantes – Dubrovnik 1 weekly (2 weekly from 29JUN16 to 31AUG16)
eff 03APR16 Nantes – Faro 1 weekly (2 weekly from 30JUN16 to 25AUG16)
eff 27MAY16 Nantes – Alicante 2 weekly

Palma Mallorca:
eff 02APR16 Palma Mallorca – Lille 3 weekly
eff 29MAY16 Palma Mallorca – Southampton 2 weekly
eff 01JUN16 Palma Mallorca – Verona 1 weekly (3 weekly from 23JUL16 to 03SEP16)
eff 28JUN16 Palma Mallorca – Pisa 1 weekly (2 weekly from 28JUL16 to 01SEP16)

eff 25MAR16 Toulouse – Brest 2 weekly
eff 25MAR16 Toulouse – Prague 2 weekly
eff 16APR16 Toulouse – Malaga 2 weekly
eff 17APR16 Toulouse – Split 1 weekly (2 weekly from 30JUN16 to 01SEP16)

eff 28MAY16 Turin – Lampedusa 1 weekly
eff 27JUN16 Turin – Corfu 1 weekly (2 weekly from 22JUL16 to 02SEP16)
eff 28JUN16 Turin – Skiathos 1 weekly (2 weekly from 28JUL16 to 01SEP16)

eff 22MAR16 Verona – Chisinau 2 weekly
eff 27MAY16 Verona – Olbia 4 weekly
eff 30MAY16 Verona – Thira 2 weekly
eff 26JUN16 Verona – Ibiza 2 weekly

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