Maldivian Adds Ifuru Service in W15

Maldivian at the launch of winter 2015/16 timetable (effective 25OCT15) introduced new connections to/from Ifuru, with service to Male, Hanimaadhoo Island and Dharavandhoo Island. Service will be operated by Dash8-200 and -300 aircraft.

Male – Ifuru
Q2284 MLE1040 – 1120IFU DH3 D
Q2285 IFU1140 – 1220MLE DH3 D

Male – Dharavandhoo Island – Ifuru
Q2282 MLE1435 – 1505DRV1520 – 1540IFU DH3 D
Q2280 MLE1730 – 1800DRV1815 – 1835IFU DH2 x46

Q2289 IFU0555 – 0615DRV0630 – 0700MLE DH3 D
Q2283 IFU1600 – 1620DRV1635 – 1705MLE DH3 D
Q2281 IFU1855 – 1915DRV1930 – 2000MLE DH3 x46

Note the schedule discrepancy in the GDS and OAG.

Male – Ifuru – Hanimaadhoo Island
Q2246 MLE1720 – 1800IFU1820 – 1855HAQ DH2 46
Q2247 HAQ1915 – 1950IFU2010 – 2050MLE DH2 46