American Airlines Adds New Domestic Routes in April 2016

American Airlines starting 05APR16 is starting a number of domestic service routes from Charlotte, Chicago O’Hare, New York La Guardia and Washington Reagan, with a total of 6 routes.

Planned operation as follow.

Charlotte – Madison 2 daily CRJ700 by PSA Airlines
AA5068 CLT1320 – 1439MSN CR7 D
AA4965 CLT2000 – 2116MSN CR7 D

AA4966 MSN0730 – 1040CLT CR7 D
AA5068 MSN1535 – 1843CLT CR7 D

Chicago O’Hare – Norfolk 3 daily CRJ700 by Envoy Air
AA3223 ORD0700 – 1003ORF CR7 D
AA3474 ORD1510 – 1812ORF CR7 D
AA3412 ORD1900 – 2203ORF CR7 D

AA3409 ORF0730 – 0807ORD CR7 D
AA3223 ORF1100 – 1225ORD CR7 D
AA3474 ORD1925 – 2052ORD CR7 D

Chicago O’Hare – Providence 2 daily CRJ700 by Envoy Air
AA3301 ORD1230 – 1543PVD CR7 D
AA3440 ORD1840 – 2154PVD CR7 D

AA3273 PVD0630 – 0821ORD CR7 D
AA3301 PVD1710 – 1904ORD CR7 D

New York La Guardia – Kansas City 2 daily Embraer E170 by Republic Airlines
AA4518 LGA1000 – 1215MCI E70 D
AA4510 LGA1740 – 1955MCI E70 67
AA4510 LGA2100 – 2315MCI E70 x67

AA4511 MCI0635 – 1024LGA E70 D
AA4518 MCI1245 – 1632LGA E70 D

Washington Reagan – Cleveland 3 daily CRJ200 by Air Wisconsin
AA3644 DCA1007 – 1144CLE CRJ D
AA3646 DCA1517 – 1652CLE CRJ D
AA3651 DCA2212 – 2349CLE CRJ D

AA3652 CLE0625 – 0758DCA CRJ D
AA3644 CLE1209 – 1342DCA CRJ D
AA3646 CLE1720 – 1853DCA CRJ D

Washington Reagan – Minneapolis 3 daily Embraer E170/175 by Republic Airlines
AA4720 DCA0830 – 1015MSP E75 D
AA4643 DCA1520 – 1711MSP E70 D
AA4339 DCA2212 – 0006+1MSP E75 D

AA4220 MSP0715 – 1023DCA E75 D
AA4720 MSP1050 – 1147DCA E75 D
AA4643 MSP1745 – 2105DCA E70 D