Malaysia Airlines New 2-class A330 S16 Operations as of 18FEB16

Malaysia Airlines today (18FEB16) further updates planned roll-out schedule for new 2-class A330-300 aircraft, with J27Y261. As of 18FEB16, planned service entry for the new 2-class A330 as follow. Note planned operational routes, effective dates remain subject to change.

eff 23MAR16 Kuala Lumpur – Sydney MH141/140 (MH123/122 from 06APR16)
eff 18APR16 Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne MH129/128 (MH149/148 from 30APR16)
eff 21MAY16 Kuala Lumpur – Auckland MH131/130 (MH133/132 from 07JUN16)
eff 27MAY16 Kuala Lumpur – Tokyo Narita MH070/071 (MH088/089 from 18JUN16)
eff 02JUL16 Kuala Lumpur – Osaka Kansai
eff 03AUG16 Kuala Lumpur – Beijing
eff 03AUG16 Kuala Lumpur – Shanghai Pu Dong
eff 20AUG16 Kuala Lumpur – Adelaide
eff 10SEP16 Kuala Lumpur – Delhi
eff 10SEP16 Kuala Lumpur – Perth
eff 01OCT16 Kuala Lumpur – Seoul Incheon
eff 15OCT16 Kuala Lumpur – Jeddah