American Airlines Adds New A319/321Sharklet / E175 International Routes in FY16

American Airlines in 2016/17 continues to expand new Airbus and Embraer aircraft operation to Caribbean, Central and Latin America, including Airbus A319, Airbus A321 Sharklet and Embraer E175. As of 28MAR16, planned new aircraft operation on International flights as follow.

Airbus A319 (319)
eff 05APR16 Dallas/Ft. Worth – Mexico City 4 daily
eff 05APR16 Miami – Curacao
eff 05APR16 Miami – Mexico City 1 daily
eff 07APR16 Los Angeles – San Jose/Los Cabos until 09MAY16
eff 05MAY16 Miami – Maracaibo
eff 23AUG16 Dallas/Ft. Worth – Guatemala City until 03NOV16
eff 23AUG16 Dallas/Ft. Worth – San Jose Costa Rica 6 weekly, until 28OCT16
eff 23AUG16 Miami – Bermuda
eff 05NOV16 Dallas/Ft. Worth – Nassau except 17DEC16 – 12FEB17
eff 16FEB17 Dallas/Ft. Worth – Montego Bay until 27FEB17

Airbus A321 Sharklet (32B)
eff 05APR16 Dallas/Ft. Worth – San Juan 1 daily
eff 05MAY16 Philadelphia – San Juan 5 weekly, until 30MAY16
eff 02JUN16 Miami – Guayaquil 1 daily, until 22AUG16
eff 23AUG16 Miami – Santo Domingo
eff 04NOV16 Miami – Barbados

Embraer E175 (E75)
eff 06APR16 Miami – Roatan 1 weekly
eff 05MAY16 Miami – Panama City 1 daily
eff 24AUG16 Miami – Belize City 1 daily, up to 2 daily from 06NOV16

Planned operational aircraft, frequency and effective date remains subject to change.