flyBe Adds Cardiff – London City Limited-time Service in Sep/Oct 2016

flyBe last week announced it’ll be offering limited-tme operation on Cardiff – London City route, from 12SEP16 to 21OCT16. The “rescue flights” will be operating during the Severn Tunnel closure. Fokker 50 aircraft will be operating 4 round-trip flights on weekdays, 2 on weekends.

BE1321 CWL0600 – 0650LCY F50 x567
BE1321 CWL0610 – 0700LCY F50 5
BE1321 CWL0750 – 0840LCY F50 6
BE1323 CWL0925 – 1015LCY F50 x67
BE1323 CWL1050 – 1140LCY F50 6
BE1325 CWL1400 – 1450LCY F50 x6
BE1327 CWL1740 – 1830LCY F50 7
BE1327 CWL1850 – 1940LCY F50 x67

BE1322 LCY0720 – 0820CWL F50 x567
BE1322 LCY0730 – 0830CWL F50 5
BE1322 LCY0910 – 1010CWL F50 6
BE1324 LCY1045 – 1145CWL F50 x67
BE1324 LCY1210 – 1310CWL F50 6
BE1326 LCY1520 – 1620CWL F50 x6
BE1328 LCY1900 – 2000CWL F50 7
BE1328 LCY2010 – 2110CWL F50 x67