UNITED Adds New Domestic Routes in 16H2

UNITED during the weekend of 15APR16’s schedule update has opened reservation for a number of new domestic routes, scheduled to commence in the second-half of 2016. Majority of these service are operated by UNITED Express carriers.

eff 01JUL16 Newark – Bangor 1 daily
UA4005 EWR1000 – 1130BGR ERJ D
UA4263 BGR1300 – 1424EWR ERJ D

eff 01JUL16 Newark – Flint 1 daily
UA4406 EWR2000 – 2210FNT ERJ D
UA4365 FNT0700 – 0855EWR ERJ D

eff 01JUL16 Newark – Lexington 1 daily
UA4457 EWR1345 – 1554LEX ERJ D
UA4488 LEX1624 – 1836EWR ERJ D

eff 07SEP16 Chicago O’Hare – Chattanooga 2 daily
UA4250 ORD1345 – 1635CHA ERJ D
UA4316 ORD1930 – 2220CHA ERJ D

UA4309 CHA0700 – 0753ORD ERJ D
UA4211 CHA1715 – 1810ORD ERJ D

eff 07SEP16 Newark – Chattanooga 2 daily
UA4082 EWR1200 – 1429CHA ERJ D
UA4132 EWR1915 – 2147CHA ERJ D

UA4171 CHA0600 – 0803EWR ERJ D
UA4115 CHA1500 – 1706EWR ERJ D

eff 07SEP16 Newark – Fort Wayne 1 daily
UA4253 EWR1945 – 2145FWA ERJ D
UA4016 FWA0600 – 0753EWR ERJ D

eff 07SEP16 San Francisco – Omaha 1 daily
UA6023 SFO1615 – 2150OMA E7W D
UA6040 OMA0700 – 0855SFO E7W D

eff 16DEC16 Newark – Salt Lake City 1 daily
UA1209 EWR0900 – 1210SLC 73G D
UA1103 SLC1305 – 1915EWR 73G D