Air New Zealand Domestic Network Changes from July 2016

Air New Zealand earlier this month gradually updated its planned domestic operation for Northern winter season, effective 30OCT16 (selected routes will be in effect in July/August). The new domestic operation will see revamped schedule that improves connectivity across NZ’s network, offering schedule consistency and greater flight options. A number of market will see noticeable schedule changes to tailor local demands and extend the business days, while aircraft up-gauge (from Dash8-Q300 to ATR72, and from to-be-retired Beechcraft 1900 to Dash8-Q300) will allow the airline provided expanded year-on-year capacity growth, where selected market sees 30-70% increase.

eff 03JUL16
Auckland – Dunedin Increase from 14 to 17 weekly, A320 service. Additional frequency will be maintained on/after 30OCT16
NZ671 AKL0725 – 0915DUD 320 x7
NZ675 AKL1230 – 1420DUD 320 x24
NZ677 AKL1730 – 1920DUD 320 x6

NZ672 DUD0950 – 1135AKL 320 x7
NZ674 DUD1455 – 1640AKL 320 x24
NZ678 DUD2000 – 2145AKL 320 x6

Wellington – Queenstown Airbus A320 operation increases to daily, with additional 3 weekly ATR72 operations. The ATR72 service will increase to 4 weekly, operating on Day x234, instead of focusing on weekends between July and October 2016

eff 09AUG16
Wellington – Gisborne Revision from 22 to 18 weekly. Capacity remains overall increase with all Dash8-Q300 service, as the airline phases out Beechcraft 1900

eff 29OCT16
Palmerston North – Hamilton Increase from 5 to 11 weekly (All Dash8-Q300 service operates from 29AUG16)

eff 30OCT16
Auckland – Blenheim Increase from 27 to 30 weekly (up to 5 daily Wednesdays – Fridays). All service operated by Dash8-Q300, instead of Dash8/ATR72
Auckland – Gisborne Increase from 27 to 33 weekly with amended schedule
Auckland – Napier Service operates 66 weekly instead of 61, all flights operated by ATR72 instead of ATR72/Dash8-Q300, resulting in capacity increase. Up to 10 daily flights Wednesdays – Fridays
Auckland – Nelson Service operates 60 weekly instead of 62, most flights operated by ATR72, resulting in capacity increase. 9 daily flights on Weekdays
Auckland – New Plymouth Service operates 48 weekly instead of 49. Up to 10 daily flights Wednesdays – Fridays
Auckland – Palmerston North Service operates 59 weekly instead of 54, all flights operated by ATR72 instead of ATR72/Dash8-Q300, resulting in capacity increase. Up to 9 daily flights Wednesdays – Fridays
Auckland – Rotorua Increase from 20 to 22 weekly, additional flights added on Thursdays/Fridays
Auckland – Tauranga Increase from 38 to 43 weekly, up to 7 daily flights Wednesdays – Fridays by Dash8-Q300, resulting in capacity increase
Christchurch – Dunedin Revise from 52 weekly to 47 weekly with unified all-ATR72 schedule on weekdays
Christchurch – Hamilton Increase from 19 to 24 weekly. There will be up to 4 daily flights with ATR72 on weekdays (except Tuesdays)
Christchurch – Invercargill Service operates 43 weekly with unified all-ATR72 service instead of 49 weekly. Up to 7 daily flights being offered on weekdays (except Mondays). First flight from Christchurch will operates at 0600hrs, instead of 0800hrs
Christchurch – Rotorua Increase from 15 to 20 weekly. Morning departure from Rotorua will move from 0900hrs to 0700hrs
Christchurch – Tauranga Increase from 14 to 19 weekly. All service operated by Dash8-Q300 instead of ATR72/Dash8-Q300. 3 daily flights on weekdays
Christchurch – Wellington Increase from 96 to 134 weekly. Up to 21 daily flights Wednesdays – Fridays (20 on Mondays/Tuesdays), an increase from minimum 14 daily in average. Peak prime time hours operated by A320, while ATR72 aircraft operates all of the other flights
Wellington – Blenheim Increase from 27 to 32 weekly. Operational schedule is being revised based on demand
Wellington – Dunedin Airbus A320 operation increases from 8 to 14 weekly. Turboprop operation moves from 22 weekly Dash8-Q300/ATR72 flights to 14 weekly all-ATR72
Wellington – Hamiltlon Northern winter schedule sees up to 6 daily flights on weekdays. ATR72 operates during prime-time hours, while Dash8-Q300 operates during off-peak hours
Wellington – Rotorua Service operates 19 weekly instead of 23. Revised all-Dash8Q-300 schedule includes morning Wellington departure moving to 0600hrs instead of 0800hrs, Rotorua moving to 0800hrs instead of 0600hrs

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