ANA Boeing 787 Domestic Japan Operation for June 2012

2nd Update at 0700GMT 27MAR12

ANA today announced that it’ll launch Boeing 787 service on 1 of 5 daily Tokyo Haneda – Kumamoto route, starting 01JUN12.

For the month of June 2012, ANA’s Domestic Boeing 787 operation as follows. Note as of 0700GMT, ANA has finished updating its June 2012 schedule for Boeing 787 operation.:

Tokyo Haneda – Kumamoto NEW eff 01JUN12
NH643 HND1025 – 1210KMJ 78P D
NH646 KMJ1300 – 1435HND 78P D

Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka
NH241 HND0730 – 0915FUK 78P D
NH257 HND1400 – 1545FUK 78P D

NH248 FUK1005 – 1145HND 78P D
NH262 HND1645 – 1830FUK 78P D

NH257/262 eff 11JUN12

Tokyo Haneda – Hiroshima
NH671 HND0650 – 0810HIJ 78P D
NH679 HND1315 – 1435HIJ 78P D 
NH687 HND1930 – 2100HIJ 78P D

NH672 HIJ0735 – 0900HND 78P D
NH674 HIJ0900 – 1020HND 78P D
NH682 HIJ1530 – 1655HND 78P D 

NH679/682 until 10JUN12

Tokyo Haneda – Kagoshima
NH627 HND1620 – 1805KOJ 78P D
NH630 KOJ1855 – 2040HND 78P D

Tokyo Haneda – Matsuyama
NH589 HND1215 – 1340MYJ 78P D
NH595 HND1730 – 1855MYJ 78P D

NH592 MYJ1430 – 1555HND 78P D
NH598 HND1945 – 2115HND 78P D

NH595/598 until 06JUN12

Tokyo Haneda – Okayama 
NH651 HND0725 – 0840OKJ 78P D
NH657 HND1800 – 1915OKJ 78P D

NH652 OKJ0735 – 0850HND 78P D
NH654 OKJ0930 – 1050HND 78P D
NH660 OKJ2005 – 2125HND 78P D

NH652 until 01JUN12
NH651/654 operates with 787 from 02JUN12 till 11JUN12

Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Itami
NH019 HND1000 – 1105ITM 78P D
NH024 ITM1200 – 1310HND 78P D

Tokyo Haneda – Yamaguchiube
NH695 HND1355 – 1535UBJ 78P D
NH699 HND1900 – 2040UBJ 78P D

NH692 UBJ0805 – 0935HND 78P D
NH698 UBJ1640 – 1815HND 78P D