DELTA S11 Initial International Changes as of 18DEC10

As per Routing schedule changes on 18DEC10, DELTA has further adjusted planned International operation for Summer 2011 season. Only those with new changes are listed. For services remain unchanged since the previous posting from 11DEC10, click here for information. (However, information appeared below will replace those appeared last week)

Further changes as expected.

Atlanta – Amsterdam DL238/239 Airbus A330-300 continues to operate in Summer 2011.
Atlanta – Copenhagen Seasonal service operates from 09JUN11 to 30AUG11
Atlanta – Dublin 01JUN11 – 31AUG11 Airbus A330-300 replace 767-300ER
Atlanta – Lima eff 01JUN11 Boeing 767-300ER replace -400ER
Atlanta – Paris CDG eff 01JUN11 Introduction of 3rd Daily service , in addition to Joint-Venture partner AIRFRANCE’s NEW 2nd Daily service (Total flights increase from 3 to 5 Daily)
DL028 ATL1520 – 0610+1CDG 767 D
AF681 ATL1745 – 0810+1CDG 772 D
DL022 ATL2035 – 1125+1CDG 333 D
AF689 ATL2055 – 1120+1CDG 772 D
DL036 ATL2305 – 1410+1CDG 767 D eff 01JUN11

DL037 CDG0920 – 1330ATL 767 D eff 02JUN11
AF682 CDG1040 – 1405ATL 772 D
AF688 CDG1330 – 1645ATL 772 D
DL021 CDG1330 – 1720ATL 333 D
DL029 CDG1615 – 2005ATL 767 D

AF689/688 is the new AF service

Atlanta – Rome NEW operational aircraft adjustment, A330-300 replaced by following aircraft on selected dates
26MAR11 – 15MAY11 Airbus A330-200
15JUL11 – 30SEP11 Boeing 767-400ER

Atlanta – Venice Service operates from 01JUN11 to 30AUG11. Frequency reductions in effect earlier than planned
01JUN11 – 17JUL11 5 weekly (Day x46)
18JUL11 – 30AUG11 4 weekly (Day x346)

Detroit – Amsterdam Capacity changes
DL252/251 eff 01JUN11 Airbus A330-200 replace -300
DL248/249 Boeing 767-300 replace Airbus A330-300 for entire Summer season
DL242/243 27MAR11 – 30MAY11 Service operating as DL056/057, extends to Mumbai, operated by Airbus A330-200 (see below)
DL242/243 eff 31MAY11 Service operates with Boeing 747-400, compared to Airbus A330 in Summer 2010

Detroit – Rome Seasonal service now operates from 09JUN11 to 28AUG11
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita Planned 3rd Daily service resumption from 15JUN11, Canceled. Service operates with 2 Daily 747-400
Minneapolis – Amsterdam eff 27MAR11 DL244/265 Boeing 767-300ER replace Airbus A330-300 (total 2 Daily 333 + 1 Daily 763)
New York JFK – Amman Service in Summer operates 4 weekly, compared to 5 during peak season
New York JFK – Dublin eff 26MAR11 Capacity further reduced. Boeing 757-200 replace 767-400ER from S10 (was planned to be operated by 767-300ER)
New York JFK – Istanbul eff 01JUN11 Airbus A330-200 replace 767-400ER in S10 (was planned to be operated by 767-300ER)
New York JFK – Pisa Service reduce from Daily in Summer 2010 to 5 weekly in S11 (Day x13 from JFK), seasonal operation from 09JUN11 to 26AUG11
New York JFK – Prague eff 01JUN11 Airbus A330-200 replace 767-300ER
New York JFK – Rome DL246/245 Planned A330-300 service replaced by 767 from 01JUN11, REVERSED
New York JFK – Venice Planned Boeing 767-400ER replace -300ER now scheduled to operate from 15JUN11 to 14JUL11
Newark – Amsterdam I Flight Number changes from DL034/035 to DL056/057, and extends to Mumbai (see below)
Salt Lake City – Tokyo Narita Increase from 5 weekly to Daily as mentioned last week, but service now returns to Seasonal, until 28OCT11
Seattle – Beijing eff 06JUN11 Increase from 5 weekly to Daily
Seattle – Osaka Kansai 15JUN11 – 31AUG11 Airbus A330-300 replace 767 (was planned to operate until 30SEP11)

Mumbai once again sees routing change
26MAR11 – 30MAY11 Service operates from Detroit
DL056 DTW1810 – 0805+1AMS1020+1 – 2300+1BOM 332 D
DL057 BOM0045 – 0655AMS1025 – 1310DTW 332 D

eff 31MAY11 Service operates from Newark
DL056 EWR1810 – 0750+1AMS1005+1 – 2315+1BOM 332 D
DL057 BOM0105 – 0710AMS1055 – 1330EWR 332 D