QATAR 2010 Summer Highlights

As per 12NOV09 GDS inventory display QATAR Airways has adjusted its 2010 Summer network.  Note this is the first major changes and further adjustments are expected.  Note this REPLACE the planned 2010 Summer operation that was posted on 02MAY09 and 04MAY09

Changes as follows:

Doha – Cairo 777-300ER operating. Day 26 with A330-300
Doha – Cebu 777-300ER replace A330 from 28MAR10
Doha – Chennai A330-200 operating along with A320/321 from 28MAR10
Doha – Colombo 3rd flight service from 28MAR10
QR304 DOH2000 – 0325+1CMB 32S D
QR305 CMB0425 – 0640DOH 32S D

QR300/301 operates with a mix of 321/333

Doha – Delhi service operates with A330-200/-300, instead of planned 777-200LR
Doha – Hong Kong 777 replace A330-200 from 29MAR10
29MAR10 – 30APR10 777-200LR
01MAY10 – 777-300ER

Doha – Ho Chi Minh A330-200 operating, instead of mix -200/-300
Doha – Islamabad 4 weekly. 777-300ER enters operation
Day 356 77W
Day 1 333

Doha – Johannesburg 777-300ER replace A330-200
Doha – Johannesburg – Cape Town 777-300ER replace A330-200
Doha – Karachi Day 7 sees larger capacity A330-300 operating
Doha – Kathmandu 3rd Daily service from 28MAR10
QR354 DOH1635 – 2359KTM 320 D
QR355 KTM0900 – 1115DOH 320 D

Doha – Lagos A340-600 replace A330-200
Doha – Lahore 4 weekly A321/330
Doha – Manila aircraft change. Planned 777-200LR operation replaced by A330.
QR646/647 77W
QR644/648/645/649 333

Doha – Mumbai aircraft change. Planned Daily 777-300ER operation replaced by A330-200/-300. A340-600 operates on Day 2