Turkish mid-summer increases

Turkish Airlines is adding extra frequencies starting mid-Summer, in particular on the European routes.

Istanbul – Aleppo
New 3 weekly service from 15MAY08

Istanbul – Amsterdam
Extra 5 weekly flights on TK1955/1956 (Day 13467) eff 21JUN08.

There will be 2 Daily 737 and 1 Daily 332 by that time

Istanbul – Baku
3 more weekly flights on TK1334/1335 (Day 247) eff 01JUL08. Sunday frequency to be added from August.

Total 2 daily 737

Istanbul – Bucharest
TK1443/1444 will receive 2 more weekly flights on Day 47 from 03JUL08
TK1445/1446 will receive 1 more weekly flights on Day 2 from 01JUL08

In total there will be 2 daily 737 flights

Istanbul – Chicago
Increase from 3 weekly (Day 357) to 5 (Day x14) between 05JUL08 and 13SEP08

Istanbul – Chisinau
1 more weekly frequency to 5 weekly (New Day 3 service) on TK1469/1470 from 02JUL08

In total there will be 5 weekly 737 for morning departure and 4 weekly 320 for afternoon flight

Istanbul – Cologne
2nd daily service to be launched with A320 from 01JUN08, TK1675/1676

Istanbul – Copenhagen
TK1785/1786 will receive Day 357 service in addition to Day 26 from 03SEP08
TK1781/1782 will operate on Day 16 between 26MAY08 and 01SEP08

Istanbul – Damascus
TK1252/1253 will increase from 2 weekly (Day 13) to 5 (Day x57) from 31JUL08

In total there will be 5 weekly 737 in the afternoon and daily A320 for red-eye

Istanbul – Hamburg
TK1661/1662 will gradually increase from 5 weekly (x37) to 6 (x7) from 18JUN08 and to daily from 20JUL08. Operated by 737.

A320 operates afternoon flight

Istanbul – Hanover
2nd daily service from 01JUN08, TK1551/1552 with A320

Istanbul – Helsinki
4th weekly flight on Day 1 will start from 04AUG08

Istanbul – Khartoum
7th weekly frequency to start from 01JUN08, operating as TK1150/1151, which also operates on Day 25

Istanbul – Kuwait
Increase from 4 weekly (x256) to Daily between 01JUL08 and 13SEP08

Istanbul – Lyon
Increase from 5 weekly (x25) to Daily from 01JUL08

Istanbul – Manchester
TK1993/1994 morning service increase from 4 to 5 weekly flights with Sunday service from 03AUG08
TK1995/1996 afternoon flight increase from 3 to 5 weekly flights on Mon/Wed service from 04AUG08

In total there will be 10 weekly service

Istanbul – Milan Malpensa
TK1877/1878 will increase from 5 weekly (x56) to Daily from 01AUG08. Total of 3 daily flights from that date

Istanbul – Moscow
TK1409/1410 will increase from 4 weekly (x123) to Daily from 30JUN08. There will be 3 daily service from that date

Istanbul – New York JFK
Extra Friday service from 04JUL08 with A340. 8 weekly flights in total

Istanbul – Nuremberg
2nd daily service as TK1507/1508 with A320 operates from 01JUL08 to 21SEP08

Istanbul – Osaka
3rd weekly service on Sunday operates from 06JUL08 to 06SEP08

Istanbul – Oslo
5th weekly frequency on Sunday from 01JUN08

Istanbul – Rome
TK1863/1864 will increase from 3 weekly to 5 (x23) from 04JUL08. Total of 12 weekly flights will be offered

Istanbul – Seoul
4th weekly flight on Wednesday operates from 02JUL08 to 10SEP08

Istanbul – Stockholm
TK1795/1796 from 07SEP08 receives 3rd weekly frequency on Sunday, totals 10 weekly

Istanbul – Stuttgart
3rd daily frequency (not operating on Day 123) begins as TK1709/1710 from 05JUN08

Istanbul – Tbilisi
TK1382/1383 will increase from 3 weekly to Daily from 01AUG08. New flights operates on Day 2357.

There will be 2 daily flights from August

Istanbul – Tunis
4th weekly flight operating on Monday from 07JUL08

Izmir – Vienna
Turkish Airlines is operating 2 weekly service between 20JUN08 and 12SEP08

TK1881 ADB2300 – 0025+1VIE 734 56
TK1882 VIE0130 – 0445ADB 734 67

From Istanbul Sabhia Gokcen, THY will add 2nd daily flights to:

2nd flights begins 26MAY08

Ankara – Amsterdam
Increase from 3 weekly (Day 36) to 5 weekly (x57) from 23JUN08

Ankara – Basle
1 weekly service between 17JUN08 and 30SEP08

Ankara – Bodrum
Seasonal 4 weekly service from 09JUN08 to 14SEP08

Ankara – Cologne
Increase from 3 weekly (Day 246) to Daily between 20JUN08 and 01SEP08

Ankara – Copenhagen
2 weekly service starting 01JUN08

TK1787 ESB2155 – 0030+1CPH 320 37
TK1788 CPH0120 – 0540ESB 320 14

Ankara – Dalaman
4 weekly seasonal service from 13JUN08 to 14SEP08

Ankara – Nuremberg
1 weekly service between 19JUN08 and 11SEP08

TK1511 ESB2220 – 0035+1NUE 738 4
TK1512 NUE0130 – 0520ESB 738 5

Ankara – Stockholm
2 weekly service from 02JUN08

TK1797 ESB2130 – 0015+1ARN 738 16
TK1798 ARN0115 – 0550ESB 738 27

Ankara – Vienna
Seasonal 4 weekly 737 service from 01JUN08 to 06SEP08 (Day x123), reducing to 2 weekly (Day 57) from 07SEP08