Jet2 Outlines S17 A330 Operations

British carrier has filed planned Airbus A330-200 operation for summer 2017 season, which sees the A330 aircraft based in Manchester, entering service from Late-May 2017. Planned A330-200 operation as of 24MAY16 as follow.

eff 24MAY17 Manchester – Rhodes 1 weekly (Day 3)
eff 25MAY17 Manchester – Lanzarote 2 weekly (Day 47)
eff 25MAY17 Manchester – Palma Mallorca 6 weekly (LS831/832 Day x23, LS955/956 Day 2)
eff 26MAY17 Manchester – Tenerife South 3 weekly (Day 125)

Current schedule is filed until 22JUN17. Additional routes or adjustments will be added gradually in the coming weeks.