16JUL16 Update – UNITED W16 International Operation Changes

UNITED during the weekend of 16JUL16’s schedule update has made additional adjustments to planned international service for winter 2016 season, effective 29/30OCT16. Latest planned operation changes as follow (all dates listed below based on US departures).

Chicago O’Hare – Munich 777-200ER operates for entire W16, replacing previously planned 767-300ER
Chicago O’Hare – Sao Paulo 767-300ER replaces 777-200ER, daily service
Chicago O’Hare – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 04JAN17 777-200ER replaces 747-400 (this was part of previous schedule changes, but not covered until this update)
Chicago O’Hare – Tokyo Narita eff 28FEB17 777-200ER replaces 747-400 (previously scheduled from 02MAR17)
Houston – Frankfurt Boeing 787-8 operates for entire W16, replacing a mix of 767-300ER/777-200ER/787-8
Los Angeles – London Heathrow eff 09MAR17 787-9 replaces 777-200ER (previously scheduled from 02MAR17)
Newark – Amsterdam Boeing 757-200 operates entire W16, replacing 757/767-300ER/767-400ER
Newark – Barcelona 16DEC16 – 12FEB17 Boeing 767-300ER replaces -400ER (previously -300ER scheduled 05JAN17 – 05FEB17)
Newark – Berlin Tegel Boeing 767-300ER replaces -400ER during following period: 29OCT16 – 14DEC16, 04JAN17 – 08MAR17
Newark – Brussels eff 10NOV16 Boeing 767-400ER replaces 777-200ER for entire W16 (previously 767 scheduled 04JAN17 – 01MAR17)
Newark – Dublin 29OCT16 – 08MAR17 Service operates 1 daily instead of 2 daily, however operational aircraft switches from 757 to 767-400ER (777-200ER from 19DEC16 to 15FEB17 and from 28FEB17)
Newark – Frankfurt Boeing 777-200ER operates entire W16 (previously 767-400ER scheduled to operate 04JAN17 – 01MAR17)
Newark – Geneva Boeing 767-300ER operates entire W16 (previously -400ER scheduled to operate from 02MAR17)
Newark – Hamburg Boeing 767-300ER operates entire W16 (previously -400ER scheduled to operate 10NOV16 – 03JAN17)
Newark – Lisbon Boeing 757-200 operates entire W16 (previously 767-300ER scheduled to operate 10NOV16 – 03JAN17)
Newark – London Heathrow A number of 767-300ER operating flights will switch to 757-200 service based on revised projected demand and aircraft reassignment
Newark – Madrid Boeing 767-400ER operates entire W16, except 13FEB17 – 26FEB17 by -300ER (previously 777-200ER scheduled to operate from 02MAR17)
Newark – Milan Malpensa Boeing 767-400ER operates entire W16, replacing 777-200ER
Newark – Paris CDG eff 16FEB17 Boeing 767-400ER replaces 777-200ER (previously 777 scheduled to operate entire W16)
Newark – Zurich eff 05JAN17 Boeing 767-300ER replaces -400ER
San Francisco – Auckland Planned service increase from 3 weekly to 1 daily unchanged, however from 30OCT16 service operates with 3-class 777-200ER. Planned 787-9 operation postponed until 28FEB17
San Francisco – Seoul Incheon Boeing 747-400 continues to operate for entire W16. Planned 787-9 operation postponed until 04APR17, instead of 09FEB17 (Planned 787-9 service in Sep/Oct 2016 remains unchanged)
Washington Dulles – Geneva Planned 767-400ER service in March 2017 switched to 767-300ER (767-300ER operates entire W16)
Washington Dulles – London Heathrow eff 16DEC16 UA924/919 operates with 2-class 767-300ER instead of 3-class 777-200ER
Washington Dulles – Manchester Service suspended for entire winter season, instead of Jan/Feb 2017
Washington Dulles – Munich 04JAN17 – 08MAR17 767-400ER replaces 777-200ER (Previous plan of 767-300ER service in March 2017 is cancelled, 777-200ER continues operating from 09MAR17)
Washington Dulles – Sao Paulo 767-300ER continues to operate in Northern winter season on/after 30OCT16, replacing 777-200ER
Washington Dulles – Zurich eff 04JAN17 767-300ER replaces -400ER

Previously reported changes:
Houston – London Heathrow Service reduces from 3 to 2 daily, all flights operated by 777-200ER
San Francisco – Hangzhou Boeing 787-9 continues to operate for entire W16, replacing planned -8
San Francisco – London Heathrow 2nd daily UA901/900 operates as year-round, with 787-8 operating during W16
San Francisco – Osaka Kansai Service reduces from 7 to 5 weekly, 787-8 operation
San Francisco – Tel Aviv eff 06OCT16 Boeing 787-8 replaces -9, increase from 3 to 5 weekly (daily from 17OCT16)
San Francisco – Tokyo Haneda Operation moves to daytime departure/arrival at Haneda. Boeing 787-9 replaces 777-200ER from 09FEB17