China Airlines further revises W16 operations; A350 network changes

China Airlines today (25JUL16) gradually adjusted planned winter 2016/17 operations, effective 30OCT16, including latest revision to Airbus A350 operation.

Airbus A350-900XWB
Planned inaugural date is now scheduled on 30OCT16, instead of 01OCT16. Additional destinations also opened for reservation as of Monday:
eff 30OCT16 Taipei Taoyuan – Hong Kong Multiple frequencies
eff 01DEC16 Taipei Taoyuan – Amsterdam (However, Premium Economy Class not available until 09JAN17, further changes likely)
eff 05DEC16 Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai
eff 09JAN17 Taipei Taoyuan – Vienna
eff 04FEB17 Taipei Taoyuan – Rome (Previously scheduled from 03DEC16. Nonstop from 03DEC16 remains unchanged)
eff 01MAR17 Taipei Taoyuan – Shanghai Pu Dong 4 weekly
eff 01MAR17 Taipei Taoyuan – Singapore 1 daily
eff 03MAR17 Taipei Taoyuan – Beijing 2 weekly
eff 04MAR17 Taipei Taoyuan – Guangzhou 1 weekly

Other latest changes:
Taipei Taoyuan – Amsterdam Revised operational schedule from 09JAN17, the likely date of A350 service entry
CI073 TPE0215 – 0900AMS 359 x136
CI074 AMS1550 – 1135+1TPE 359 x247

CI073/074 is currently displaying 3 weekly A340-300 and 4 weekly A350 from 01DEC16 to 08JAN17, due to schedule discrepancies.

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok Operational aircraft changes
CI833/834 Boeing 747-400 replaces previously planned 777-300ER
CI835/836 Airbus A330-300 replaces previously planned 747-400 during following periods:
30OCT16 – 04DEC16 Day 14
05DEC16 – 17DEC16 Day x257
18DEC16 – 31DEC16 Day x2
01JAN17 – 25MAR17 Daily

CI837/838 eff 01DEC16 Previously reported, A330-300 replaces A340-300. This replaces CI065/066 that continues to/from Amsterdam

Taipei Taoyuan – Beijing eff 03MAR17 2 of 7 weekly operates with A350-900XWB, replacing 777-300ER (Day 15)
Taipei Taoyuan – Dalian
Boeing 737-800 replaces A330-300, 1 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Delhi eff 01DEC16 Service operates as terminator service 3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Guam 5th weekly service introduced in July 2016 is being maintained on/after 30OCT16, 737-800
Taipei Taoyuan – Guangzhou Operational aircraft changes for this 5 weekly flights, currently served by 777-300ER:
30OCT16 – 02JAN17 77W Day x37
03JAN17 – 28FEB17 333 Day 2 (03JAN17 opb 744) 77W Day x237
01MAR17 – 25MAR17 333 Day 2 359 Day 6 77W Day 145

Taipei Taoyuan – Hefei Boeing 737-800 replaces A330-300, 2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Honolulu 30OCT16 – 08JAN17 Boeing 747-400 replaces A330-300, 2 weekly (Previously scheduled until 31DEC16)
Taipei Taoyuan – Jakarta eff 01DEC16 Boeing 777-300ER replaces A330-300, daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Kuala Lumpur Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-300, daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Manila 2 daily service operates with a mix of A330-300 and A340-300 (CI701/702 previously scheduled by 747-400, CI703/704 A330 only)
Taipei Taoyuan – Okinawa
2 daily service operates with a mix of A330-300 and 747-400, replacing 737-800
Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai Operational aircraft changes on 2 of 4 daily flights
CI156/157 747-400 replaced by A330-300 and 777-300ER
CI152/153 eff 05DEC16 A350-900XWB replaces A330-300

Taipei Taoyuan – Rome eff 04FEB17 Airbus A350-900XWB replaces A340-300, 2 weekly (This nonstop service replaces 1-stop via Delhi from 03DEC16)
Taipei Taoyuan – Sapporo New Chitose Previously not reported adjustment, service reduces from 2 to 1 daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Seoul Incheon Operational aircraft changes
CI160/161 Boeing 777-300ER replaces A330-300
CI162/163 Boeing 747-400 replaces A330-300, except Dec 2016 – Feb 2017 (mix of A330-300 and 747-400)

Taipei Taoyuan – Shenyang Mandarin Airlines service operates with 737-800, replacing A330-300, 3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Singapore Airbus A330-300 replaced by following aircraft:
30OCT16 – 31JAN17 A340-300
01MAR17 – 25MAR17 A350-900XWB

Taipei Taoyuan – Singapore – Surabaya
Airbus A330-300 replaces 737-800, daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Vienna eff 09JAN17 Airbus A350-900XWB replaces A340-300, 3 weekly (A340 replaces 747-400 in Nov 2016)

Previously reported changes:
Taipei Taoyuan – Amsterdam eff 01DEC16 4 weekly nonstop service replaces 1-stop via Bangkok, A350 operating
Taipei Taoyuan – Brisbane – Auckland
02DEC16 – 25FEB17 Increase from 4 to 5 weekly, reservation remains unavailable
Taipei Taoyuan – Rome eff 03DEC16 2 weekly nonstop service, replacing 1-stop via Delhi
Taipei Taoyuan – Vancouver 25DEC16 – 23JAN17 Increase from 5 to 11 weekly, 747-400 service

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