British Airways S17 London Heathrow service changes as of 19OCT16

British Airways in recent schedule update adjusted planned London Heathrow operation for summer 2017 season, effective from 26MAR17. As of 19OCT16, planned changes as follow.

London Heathrow – Beijing Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400, 1 daily
London Heathrow – Chicago O’Hare 2 daily 747-400 service replacing 777-300ER/747-400 mix
London Heathrow – Dallas/Ft. Worth Boeing 747-400 replaces previously planned 777-300ER, 1 daily
London Heathrow – Delhi 2 daily service operated by Boeing 787-9, replacing 777/787 mix
London Heathrow – Mumbai 2 daily service continues to be served by Boeing 777-200ER, replacing previously planned 777/787 mix
London Heathrow – San Diego Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400, 1 daily
London Heathrow – Seattle Boeing 747-400 operates daily BA049/048 service, replacing Boeing 777. Overall frequency increases from 11 to 12 weekly
London Heathrow – Tehran Imam Khomeini 3-class Boeing 777-200ER operates daily, replacing mix of 4-class aircraft (the 3-class aircraft is also scheduled to operate on selected days in winter 2016/17)

Previously reported changes:
London Heathrow – Boston Airbus A380 operates 3 weekly BA213/212 (Day 157) service. Overall frequency reduced from 28 to 25 weekly
London Heathrow – Philadelphia Service reduces from 2 to 1 daily. Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Tel Aviv Increase from 14 to 19 weekly. Boeing 787-9 begins operating BA165/164 on daily basis
London Heathrow – Vancouver Seasonal A380 service, replacing 747-400, operates from 01MAY17 to 30SEP17, instead of from 01JUN17 to 30SEP17
London Heathrow – Washington Dulles 2 daily 747-400 service replacing A380/777 mix. 1 of 2 daily service to be operated by A380 from 01JUN17 to 30JUL17