Austrian March 2017 Frankfurt aircraft changes

Austrian starting March 2017 is adjusting operational aircraft on Graz – Frankfurt and Salzburg – Frankfurt route, currently served by Fokker 100 aircraft, 4 times a day each. From 20MAR17, the Star Alliance member will begin serving both market with Embraer E195 aircraft, as part of the airline’s fleet replacement.

Graz – Frankfurt
OS251 GRZ0605 – 0725FRA E95 D
OS253 GRZ1045 – 1205FRA E95 x2
OS253 GRZ1050 – 1210FRA E95 2
OS255 GRZ1450 – 1610FRA E95 D
OS257 GRZ1900 – 2020FRA E95 D

OS252 FRA0845 – 1005GRZ E95 D
OS254 FRA1250 – 1410GRZ E95 D
OS256 FRA1700 – 1820GRZ E95 D
OS258 FRA2140 – 2300GRZ E95 D

Salzburg – Frankfurt
OS261 SZG0645 – 0755FRA E95 D
OS263 SZG1035 – 1145FRA E95 D
OS265 SZG1420 – 1525FRA E95 345
OS265 SZG1435 – 1540FRA E95 x345
OS269 SZG1845 – 1950FRA E95 D

OS262 FRA0900 – 0955SZG E95 D
OS264 FRA1240 – 1335SZG E95 D
OS266 FRA1620 – 1715SZG E95 x567
OS266 FRA1625 – 1720SZG E95 567
OS270 FRA2110 – 2205SZG E95 D