Etihad 1Q17 Tehran frequency adjustments

Etihad in the first quarter of 2017 once again reduces Abu Dhabi – Tehran Imam Khomeini operation, based on routine seasonal demand. The airline is operating 13 weekly flights from 01JAN17 to 17MAR17, instead of 14. However, this remains an overall increase when compared to same period in 1Q16, which was served 10 weekly.

EY343 AUH0115 – 0305IKA 320 D
EY349 AUH1005 – 1155IKA 320 24
EY349 AUH1440 – 1630IKA 320 x246

EY344 IKA0410 – 0655AUH 320 D
EY348 IKA1650 – 1945AUH 320 24
EY348 IKA2105 – 2350AUH 320 x246

Operational frequency varies for EY349/348 from 24FEB17 to 17MAR17.