Emirates S17 operation changes as of 12JAN17

Emirates this week gradually updated operational plan for summer 2017 season, effective 26MAR17. In today’s update (12JAN17), the airline will launch new service to Zagreb, as well as selected aircraft changes on existing routes.

At time this post goes to press (0850GMT), planned changes as follow. Some of these changes below appeared in previous schedule update.

Dubai – Athens eff 01MAY17 Planned 2nd daily EK103/104 service remains unchanged, however operational aircraft will be operated by 3-class 777-300ER (Previous plan: -300 until 31JUL17, -300ER from 01AUG17)
Dubai – Bangkok – Hong Kong eff 01OCT17 2-class A380 replaces 3-class, 1 daily (For Dubai – Bangkok sector, 2-class A380 service increases to 5 daily on selected days)
Dubai – Los Angeles eff 26MAR17 EK217/218 operates with 777-200LR, replacing A380 (Overall 1 daily each A380 and 777)
Dubai – Mauritius eff 01SEP17 2-class A380 aircraft once again operates 1 of 2 daily, on EK703/704
Dubai – Rio de Janeiro Galeao – Buenos Aires Ezeiza eff 26MAR17 Boeing 777-300ER operates daily, replacing previously scheduled -200LR
Dubai – Rome eff 26MAR17 Restoration of 3rd daily flight, EK099/100. Overall 2 daily A380 switches to 1 daily A380 and 2 daily 777-300ER
EK099 DXB0320 – 0725FCO 77W D
EK097 DXB0910 – 1325FCO 388 D
EK095 DXB1550 – 2005FCO 77W D

EK100 FCO1130 – 1920DXB 77W D
EK098 FCO1525 – 2325DXB 388 D
EK096 FCO2205 – 0555+1DXB 77W D

Dubai – Yangon – Hanoi eff 01JUL17 3-class 777-300ER replaces 2-class aircraft, 1 daily
Dubai – Zagreb eff 01JUN17 NEW 1 daily service with 3-class 777-300
EK129 DXB0815 – 1220ZAG 773 D
EK130 ZAG1535 – 2305DXB 773 D

At time this post goes to press, Dubai - Rome EK095/096 and Dubai - Los Angeles EK217/218 continues to display A380 at time of booking, however timetable listing has switched to 777-300ER and -200LR, respectively.

Previously reported changes:
Dubai – Casablanca eff 26MAR17 3-class A380 replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Dubai – Mahe Island (Seychelles) eff 26MAR17 2 daily 777-300ER service, replacing 1 daily each -200LR/-300ER
Dubai – Tokyo Narita eff 26MAR17 3-class A380 resumes operation, replacing 777-300ER, 1 daily