KLM/Cityjet adjusts Amsterdam - London City service from May 2017

KLM and CityJet from 15MAY17 is expanding commercial cooperation on existing Amsterdam – London City route, currently served 4 daily each by KLM and CityJet (weekdays). From this date, existing CityJet operating flight will be converted to operating for KLM, instead of KLM codeshare service. CityJet will also place its WX-coded flight numbers on all flights with this service adjustment.

Sample schedule for the week of 15MAY17 on weekdays as follow:

KL979/WX6170 AMS0700 – 0715LCY AR8
KL981/WX6081 AMS0725 – 0730LCY E90
KL987/WX6172 AMS0800 – 0810LCY AR8
KL985/WX6085 AMS0925 – 0930LCY E90
KL993/WX6093 AMS1715 – 1715LCY E90
KL991/WX6196 AMS1815 – 1825LCY AR8
KL995/WX6198 AMS1900 – 1915LCY AR8
KL997/WX6097 AMS1925 – 1930LCY E90

KL980/WX6171 LCY0745 – 1000AMS AR8
KL982/WX6082 LCY0800 – 1010AMS E90
KL986/WX6086 LCY1000 – 1210AMS E90
KL988/WX6189 LCY1515 – 1730AMS AR8
KL994/WX6094 LCY1745 – 1955AMS E90
KL992/WX6197 LCY1855 – 2110AMS AR8
KL996/WX6199 LCY1945 – 2200AMS AR8
KL998/WX6098 LCY2000 – 2210AMS E90

On Saturdays and Sundays respectively, KLM operates 3 and 6 flights, including 2 and 4 by CityJet aircraft.