Ural Airlines expands Simferopol network from June 2017

Ural Airlines in summer 2017 season is expanding summer service at Simferopol, including the addition of 5 new routes. Planned operation as follow.

Simferopol – Kemerovo eff 03JUN17 2 weekly A320 (Day 36; KEJ departure Day 47)
Simferopol – Krasnoyarsk eff 02JUN17 2 weekly A320 (Day 57; KJA departure Day 16)
Simferopol – Magnitogorsk eff 19JUN17 1 weekly A320 (Day 1)
Simferopol – Nizhnevartovsk eff 03JUN17 1 weekly A320 (Day 6)
Simferopol – Omsk eff 04JUN17 1 weekly A320 (Day 7; 2 weekly Day 37 from 14JUN17)

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