S7 Airlines planned E170 operations in 2017 as of 24MAY17

S7 Airlines in recent schedule updates revised planned service entry of its new Embraer E170 aircraft, previously not covered on Airlineroute. The 78-seater has already entered service on selected markets from Novosibirsk in the last few weeks, and the next few weeks sees additional routes operated by the regional jet. For Moscow and St. Petersburg, the E170 will gradually enter service from June 2017.

In addition, recently updated winter schedule from 29OCT17 also sees additional routes to be served by E170.

Moscow Domodedovo – Astrakhan eff 02JUL17 4 weekly (Previously scheduled from 02JUN17; 1 daily from 02SEP17)
Moscow Domodedovo – Kazan eff 31AUG17 3 weekly
Moscow Domodedovo – Lipetsk eff 29OCT17 1 daily
Moscow Domodedovo – Nizhnekamsk eff 29OCT17 2 daily
Moscow Domodedovo – Nizhniy Novgorod eff 01JUL17 1 daily (Previously scheduled from 01APR17)
Moscow Domodedovo – Penza eff 31AUG17 1 daily
Moscow Domodedovo – Petrozavodsk eff 01JUL17 3 weekly (Previously scheduled from 01JUN17; 1 daily from 30AUG17)
Moscow Domodedovo – St. Petersburg eff 06JUN17 1 daily (Previously scheduled from 06MAY17)
Moscow Domodedovo – Voronezh eff 01JUL17 2 daily (Previously scheduled from 01APR17)
Novosibirsk – Abakan eff 02JUL17 4 weekly
Novosibirsk – Almaty 27JUL17 – 21SEP17 1 weekly (The E170 has been operating on selected dates in recent weeks, also from 29OCT17)
Novosibirsk – Bishkek eff 23JUN17 2 weekly (Previously scheduled from 01APR17; 1 daily 01JUL17 – 28OCT17, 4 weekly from 29OCT17)
Novosibirsk – Chita 07JUL17 – 08SEP17 1 weekly
Novosibirsk – Ekaterinburg eff 11JUN17 2 weekly (Previously scheduled from 03APR17; 1 daily from 20JUN17)
Novosibirsk – Gorno-Altaysk 3 weekly
Novosibirsk – Karaganda eff 31OCT17 2 weekly
Novosibirsk – Nizhnevartovsk 4 weekly
Novosibirsk – Nojabrsk eff 11JUN17 1 weekly (Previously scheduled from 02APR17; 2 weekly from 20AUG17)
Novosibirsk – Norilsk eff 30OCT17 2 weekly
Novosibirsk – Novy Urengoy 1 weekly (2 weekly from 09JUN17, 3 weekly from 02AUG17)
Novosibirsk – Omsk 01JUL17 – 31AUG17 1 daily
Novosibirsk – Osh 1 daily
Novosibirsk – Shymkent 1 weekly (2 weekly from 06JUN17)
Novosibirsk – Surgut eff 01JUN17 3 weekly (Previously scheduled from 06APR17; 4 weekly from 24JUN17, 5 weekly from 01JUL17)
Novosibirsk – Tyumen 2 weekly (3 weekly from 06JUN17)
Novosibirsk – Urumqi eff 02SEP17 1 weekly (2 weekly from 11OCT17)
Novosibirsk – Ust-Kamenogorsk 1 weekly (2 weekly from 08JUN17; 3 weekly from 30OCT17)
St. Petersburg – Berlin Tegel eff 06JUN17 3 weekly (Previously scheduled from 09MAY17)
St. Petersburg – Bryansk eff 07JUN17 2 weekly (Previously scheduled from 07MAY17; 3 weekly 07JUL17 – 28OCT17)
St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad eff 07JUN17 3 weekly (Previously scheduled from 07MAY17; 4 weekly from 03JUL17; 2 weekly from 29OCT17)
St. Petersburg – Kaluga eff 06JUN17 2 weekly
St. Petersburg – Yaroslavl eff 09JUN17 2 weekly
Tyumen – Salekhard 2 weekly (3 weekly from 06JUN17)

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