British Airways W17 long-haul service changes as of 26MAY17

British Airways in last week’s schedule update adjusted planned long-haul operation for winter 2017/18 season, effective from 29OCT17. Planned changes as of 26MAY17 as follow.

London Heathrow – Atlanta 787-9 operates 1 daily, replacing 777-200ER/-300ER
London Heathrow – Beijing 747-400 operates 1 daily, replacing 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Houston Operational aircraft changes
BA195/194 777-200ER replaces 747-400
BA197/196 777-200ER replaces 787-9

London Heathrow – Mexico City eff 01NOV17 787-9 operates 5 weekly, replacing 747-400
London Heathrow – Rio de Janeiro Galeao 787-9 operates 6 weekly, replacing 777-200ER. Planned increase from 5 to 6 weekly remains unchanged
London Heathrow – San Diego 747-400 operates 1 daily, replacing 777-300ER (identical to W16)
London Heathrow – San Francisco Operational aircraft changes
BA285/284 747-400 replaces 777-200ER
BA287/286 A380 service reduces from 7 to 3 weekly (Day 467). Day 123 operated by 777-200ER, Day 5 by 747-400

London Heathrow – Sao Paulo Guarulhos 777-300ER operates 1 daily, replacing -200ER
London Heathrow – Shanghai Pu Dong Operational aircraft changes
BA169/168 (daily) 777-300ER replaces 787-9
BA161/160 (3 weekly) 787-9 replaces 777-200ER

London Heathrow – Tehran Imam Khomeini Service reduces from 7 to 5 weekly (Day x15 from LHR, Day 26 from IKA), 3-class 777-200ER service
London Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda 777-300ER service now scheduled to operate on year-round basis, replacing previously scheduled -200ER from 29OCT17
London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita 777-300ER operates on 2 of 7 weekly flights, replacing -200ER (Day 26 from LHR, Day 37 from NRT)

Previously reported changes:
London Gatwick – Lima 2 weekly service suspended
London Gatwick – Mauritius Increase from 3 to 5 weekly, 3-class 777-200ER service London Heathrow – Dubai 1 daily 747-400 and 2 daily 787-9, replacing 1 daily each of 747-400/777-200ER/787-9
London Heathrow – Johannesburg A380 operation increases from 10 weekly in NW16 to 14 weekly
London Heathrow – Los Angeles Addition of 3rd daily service as BA281/280, with 787-9
London Heathrow – New Orleans Increase from 4 to 5 weekly, new flight operates on Tuesdays with 787-8