China Airlines W17 operation changes as of 19JUL17

China Airlines today (19JUL17) adjusted majority of its winter 2017/18 schedule from Taipei, effective from 29OCT17. Latest adjustment as follow.

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok eff 29OCT17 23 weekly service maintained in W17, instead of planned 21
Taipei Taoyuan – Beijing eff 08DEC17 A350 operation reduces from 2 to 1 weekly (Overall remains unchanged at 7 weekly)
Taipei Taoyuan – Busan eff 01NOV17 CI186/187 Day 36 operated by A330-300, instead of 737-800 (Overall 12 weekly 737 and 2 weekly A330)
Taipei Taoyuan – Chengdu eff 29OCT17 1 of 2 weekly (Day 2) operated by A330-300, instead of 747-400
Taipei Taoyuan – Fukuoka eff 29OCT17 Service increases from 14 to 16 weekly (17 weekly in S17)
Taipei Taoyuan – Guangzhou eff 29OCT17 5 weekly 747-400 service maintained in W17, instead of mix of A330/350/777-300ER
Taipei Taoyuan – Hanoi eff 29OCT17 Daily service by A330-300 (5 weekly) and A350-900XWB (2 weekly). Selected dates sees 777-300ER and 737-800 replaces A330/350
Taipei Taoyuan – Hefei eff 29OCT17 1 weekly service maintained, instead of 2 weekly. 737-800 operation
Taipei Taoyuan – Ho Chi Minh City 07DEC17 – 01FEB18 CI781/782 Day 4 operated by A350-900XWB, instead of A330
Taipei Taoyuan – Jakarta eff 01DEC17 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily (previously scheduled from 25MAR18)
Taipei Taoyuan – Kuala Lumpur
CI721/722 eff 01DEC17 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
CI723/724 Operational frequency changes, 737-800 service
29OCT17 – 26NOV17 4 weekly
27NOV17 – 05DEC17
6 weekly
06DEC17 – 31DEC17 7 weekly
01JAN18 – 23MAR18 4 weekly

Taipei Taoyuan – Nanchang eff 29OCT17 2 weekly 737-800 service maintained in W17, instead of previously scheduled 1 weekly A330 and 2 weekly 737
Taipei Taoyuan – Nanjing eff 29OCT17 Mandarin Airlines 3 weekly service with 747-400, instead of 777-300ER
Taipei Taoyuan – Ningbo eff 29OCT17 Mandarin Airlines 5 weekly service with 737-800, instead of mix of 737/A330
Taipei Taoyuan – Okinawa eff 29OCT17 CI122/123 747-400 replaces A330-300, 1 daily (Overall 1 daily each 747 and A330)
Taipei Taoyuan – Penang eff 27NOV17 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly, 737-800 service
Taipei Taoyuan – Seoul Incheon eff 29OCT17 CI160/161 operated by 747-400 on Day 1, instead of 777-300ER (CI162/163 remains 1 daily A330)
Taipei Taoyuan – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 29OCT17 Boeing 747-400 and A330-300 operating on selected flights, along with 777-300ER/ A350
Taipei Taoyuan – Shenzhen eff 29OCT17 4 weekly 747-400 and 1 weekly A350-900XWB service, replacing 4 weekly 777-300ER and 1 weekly A350
Taipei Taoyuan – Singapore 01DEC17 – 31JAN18 CI751/752 A330-300 replaces A350-900XWB
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita eff 29OCT17 CI100/101 service operated by a mix of A350-900XWB and 777-300ER, instead of A350 only
Taipei Taoyuan – Toyama eff 29OCT17 4 weekly service maintained in W17, instead of 2 weekly

Previously reported changes:
Taipei Taoyuan – Brisbane – Auckland eff 01DEC17 4 weekly service on Brisbane – Auckland sector increases to 7 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Honolulu
eff 29OCT17 A350-900XWB replaces A330-300, 2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – London Gatwick eff 01DEC17 NEW 4 weekly A350-900XWB service
Taipei Taoyuan – Sydney eff 01DEC17 Overall service increases from 1 to 2 daily, A350-900XWB replaces A330-300
Taipei Taoyuan – Sydney – Auckland 4 weekly service on Sydney – Auckland cancelled from 01DEC17
Taipei Taoyuan – Sydney – Christchurch 3 weekly service on Sydney – Christchurch sector cancelled from 29OCT17
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita Increase from 3 to 4 daily, except 07DEC17 – 09JAN18
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita – Honolulu Service reduction from entire winter season to 4-week period, 07DEC17 – 08JAN18. A330-300 service