Qatar Airways Sep/Oct 2017 service changes as of 06AUG17

Qatar Airways today (06AUG17) made additional changes to its operation between 01SEP17 and 28OCT17. Latest adjustment, reflected on Sunday’s update, as follow. Previously filed changes reported prior is being excluded.

Effective for the month of September 2017 only:
Doha – Addis Ababa 3 weekly service operated by A320 only, instead of 2 weekly 777-300ER and 1 weekly A320
Doha – Berlin Tegel 777-300ER replaces A330-200/-300, 1 daily
Doha – Brussels QR195/196 A330-200/300 replaces A350-900XWB (QR193/194 continues with A350 service)
Doha – Denpasar QR964/965 777-300ER replaces 787-8 (Overall 2 daily 777 and 1 daily A330)
Doha – Krabi A330-200/-300 continues operating, replacing previously scheduled A319
Doha – Madrid A350-900XWB replaced by:
777-300ER QR149/150
A330-200/-300 QR147/148, QR151/152

Doha – Miami A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Doha – Phuket QR842/843 A330-200/-300 continues to serve this flight, instead of 777-300ER (QR840/841 from 16SEP17 continues with 787-8 service)
Doha – Zurich QR093/094 A330-200/-300 replaces A350-900XWB, 1 daily

Effective from 01SEP17 onwards:
Doha – Algiers 01SEP17 – 28OCT17 A330-200 replaces A340-600, 1 daily
Doha – Colombo Increase from 4 to 5 daily, new flight by A320
QR656 DOH0100 – 0905CMB 320 D
QR657 CMB1005 – 1300DOH 320 D

Doha – Dhaka Service resumption for 3rd daily flight, QR634/635
Doha – Moscow Domodedovo QR229/230 once again displays A330-200/-300 service. The airline previously switched aircraft listing back to A320

Following service changes during from 01AUG17 to 31AUG17 (not reported on Airlineroute), has been extended until 28OCT17:
Doha – Bangkok QR836/837 A340-600 replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Doha – Barcelona QR145/146 A340-600 replaces 787-8. Planned A350-900XWB service from 01SEP17 is cancelled
Doha – Nairobi QR1335/1336 787-8 replaces A320 (replaces A330 in Oct 2017)
Doha – Vienna Planned A350-900XWB service, 1 weekly in August 2017, and daily from 16SEP17 is cancelled. 787-8 continues to operate this route