Update as of 18OCT17: British Airways Gatwick HD 777-200ER routes in 2018

British Airways in recent OAG Schedules Analyser update extended schedule listing into winter 2018/19 season, currently available until the second week of November 2018. Part of the schedule extension includes additional updates and new routes for its London Gatwick-based high-density 3-class Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.

First revealed on Airlineroute with routes and frequency information on 03SEP17, the configuration of the high-density 777-200ER is C32W52Y252. The following is planned high-density 3-class 777-200ER operation in 2018, as of 18OCT17.

London Gatwick – Cancun eff 12MAY18 1 weekly (Day 6; 3 weekly Day 136 from 11JUN18, instead of 20JUN18)
London Gatwick – Ft. Lauderdale eff 13SEP18 1 weekly (Day 4; 3 weekly Day 146 from 08OCT18 to 28OCT18, 2 weekly Day 46 from 29OCT18)
London Gatwick – Kingston eff 07MAY18 2 weekly (Day 13; Day 15 from 14SEP18, 3 weekly Day 135 from 10OCT18)
London Gatwick – New York JFK eff 08JUL18 1 daily
London Gatwick – Orlando eff 11MAY18 1 weekly BA2037/2036 (Day 5; 2 weekly Day 56 from 08JUN18 to 08SEP18; 1 weekly Day 6 15SEP18 – 29SEP18, gradually increasing to daily by 06OCT18
London Gatwick – Punta Cana eff 08MAY18 3 weekly (Day 247)
London Gatwick – Tampa eff 07JUN18 2 weekly (Day 47; up to 5 weekly Day x13 by 09OCT18, Day x67 from 29OCT18)

New HD 777 operational routes/flights for winter 2018/19 season (currently listed until second week of Nov 2018):
London Gatwick – Antigua – Providenciales eff 28OCT18 2 weekly (Day 47)
London Gatwick – Antigua – Tobago eff 29OCT18 2 weekly (Day 15)
London Gatwick – Barbados eff 28OCT18 2 weekly (Day 67)
London Gatwick – St. Lucia – Grenada eff 03NOV18 1 weekly (Day 6)
London Gatwick – St. Lucia – Port of Spain eff 28OCT18 2 weekly (Day 27)