Alaska adjusts Los Angeles / San Francisco – New York service from July 2018

Alaska Airlines in last week’s schedule update modified planned service on Los Angeles – New York JFK and San Francisco – New York JFK route, currently served 6 and 5 daily flights each. From 06JUL18, the airline will reduce service to 5 and 4 daily each.

Los Angeles – New York JFK eff 06JUL18 Reduce from 6 to 5 daily (Saturdays from 4 to 3 daily from Los Angeles)
AS1406 LAX1042 – 1924JFK 32S D
AS1412 LAX1345 – 2228JFK 32S D
AS1416 LAX1555 – 0037+1JFK 32S x6
AS1418 LAX2100 – 0542+1JFK 32S x6
AS1420 LAX2315 – 0757+1JFK 32S D

AS1399 JFK0700 – 1018LAX 32S x7
AS1407 JFK0900 – 1218LAX 32S D
AS1409 JFK1130 – 1441LAX 32S D
AS1411 JFK1300 – 1611LAX 32S D
AS1415 JFK2025 – 0002+1LAX 32S x6

San Francisco – New York JFK eff 06JUL18 Reduce from 5 to 4 daily
AS1022 SFO0909 – 1753JFK 32S D
AS1024 SFO1345 – 2228JFK 32S D
AS1026 SFO1554 – 0040+1JFK 32S D
AS1034 SFO2309 – 0757+1JFK 32S D

AS1011 JFK0730 – 1056SFO 32S D
AS1023 JFK0930 – 1256SFO 32S D
AS1025 JFK1130 – 1457SFO 32S D
AS1027 JFK1656 – 2041SFO 32S D