Air China W18 International changes as of 15OCT18

Air China in recent weeks filed additional updates for winter 2018/19 season, for international routes. Planned changes from 28OCT18, as of 15OCT18, as follows.

Beijing – Bangkok Overall service reduces from 4 to 3 daily. Operational aircraft changes for following service:
CA959/960 eff 28OCT18 2-class 777-300ER replaces -200 (Unchanged)
CA979/980 eff 28OCT18 A330-300 replaces 777-200
CA757/758 21JAN19 – 28FEB19 A330-300 replaces 737-800 (Unchanged)

Beijing – Chiang Mai 07JAN19 – 24FEB19 A330-300 replaces 737 MAX 8 (The 737 MAX 8 continues to operate between 28OCT18 and 06JAN19, replacing previously filed 737-800)
Beijing – Frankfurt 28OCT18 – 30NOV18 CA931/932 777-300ER operates daily, instead of 4 weekly 747-8I and 3 weekly 777-300ER
Beijing – Los Angeles eff 31OCT18 CA887/888 787-9 replaces 777-300ER on Day 3 (Overall 6 weekly 787 and 13 weekly 777-300ER)
Beijing – Osaka Kansai 01DEC18 – 20JAN19 CA927/928 A330-200 replaces -300
Beijing – Singapore eff 29OCT18 2 daily service operated by 787-9, replacing previously filed 1 daily each Boeing 787 and A330-300
Beijing – Sydney eff 28OCT18 Planned 2/3-class 777-300ER service cancelled. A330-300 continues operating 1 daily (5 weekly in March 2019)
Beijing – Tokyo Haneda eff 28OCT18 3 daily A330 and 1 daily A321 service, replacing previously filed 2 daily each A330-200/-300
Chengdu – Bangkok eff 01DEC18 A330-200 replaces A320/321, 1 daily (Previous plan: eff 28OCT18)

Previously reported changes:
Beijing – Barcelona eff 28OCT18 A330-300 replaces -200. Service reduces from 3 to 2 weekly from 08NOV18 to 25NOV18
Beijing – Brisbane eff 18JAN19 Service resumption (since August 2018), 4 weekly A330-200 (3 weekly from 06MAR19)
Beijing – Copenhagen eff 28OCT18 Service operates 3 weekly instead of 4, A330-200 operating
Beijing – Kuala Lumpur eff 01JAN19 Increase from 4 weekly to 7 weekly, A321 replaces A330-300
Beijing – London Heathrow
eff 29OCT18 Increase from 14 to 17 weekly, new CA787/788 service operated by A330-200
eff 01FEB19 CA855/856 A350-900XWB replaces A330-200

Beijing – Melbourne 13NOV18 – 25FEB19 Service operates 7 weekly for Northern winter season with A330-300
Beijing – Moscow Sheremetyevo eff 28OCT18 Increase from 4 weekly in W17 to 7 weekly, A330-300 operating
Beijing – Milan Malpensa eff 15OCT18 A350-900XWB replaces A330-200, 5 weekly (Previous plan: eff 28OCT18)
Beijing – Minsk – Budapest 29OCT18 – 30NOV18 High-Density A330-200 replaces Low-Density, 3 weekly
Beijing – Phnom Penh eff 07JAN19 Previously planned service launch on 03SEP18 is delayed to this date. 3 weekly A320
Beijing – Phuket
eff 28OCT18 A330-300 operates 1 daily, replacing -200 in W17
Beijing – Pyongyang
eff 28OCT18 Service operates 2 weekly in W18, instead of 3 weekly
Beijing – Zurich Service suspended during winter 2018/19 season
Chengdu – Frankfurt eff 01DEC18 High-Density A330-200 operating, replacing -300. 3 weekly
Chengdu – London Gatwick eff 28OCT18 A330-200 replace -300, 3 weekly. Operational schedule revised
Chengdu – Paris CDG eff 01DEC18 High-Density A330-200 operating, replacing -300. 3 weekly
Chengdu – Phuket eff 28OCT18 1 daily A320, new route
Chengdu – Sydney eff 03JAN19 High-Density A330-200 operating, replacing -300. 3 weekly (Previous plan: eff 01DEC18)
Shanghai Pu Dong – Frankfurt eff 01DEC18 A350-900XWB replaces A330-200, 1 daily
Shanghai Pu Dong – Milan Malpensa eff 01JAN19 A350-900XWB replaces A330-200, 1 daily