Azul / Copa Airlines begins codeshare service from late-Dec 2018

Azul and Copa Airlines in late-December 2018 commenced codeshare partnership, covering service between Brazil and Panama, as well as domestic Brazil service. Majority of these codeshare routes commenced from the week of 24DEC18, while some begins from the week of 31DEC18.

Azul operated by Copa Airlines
Panama City – Belo Horizonte
Panama City – Brasilia
Panama City – Fortaleza
Panama City – Manaus
Panama City – Porto Alegre
Panama City – Recife
Panama City – Rio de Janeiro Galeao
Panama City – Salvador da Bahia
Panama City – Sao Paulo Guarulhos

Copa Airlines operated by Azul
Belo Horizonte – Brasilia
Belo Horizonte – Cabo Frio
Belo Horizonte – Governador Valadares
Belo Horizonte – Ilheus
Belo Horizonte – Ipatinga
Belo Horizonte – Maceio
Belo Horizonte – Montes Claros
Belo Horizonte – Porto Seguro
Belo Horizonte – Ribeirao Preto
Belo Horizonte – Rio de Janeiro Galeao
Belo Horizonte – Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont
Belo Horizonte – Salvador da Bahia
Belo Horizonte – Sao Paulo Congonhas
Belo Horizonte – Sao Paulo Guarulhos
Belo Horizonte – Sao Paulo Viracopos/Campinas
Belo Horizonte – Uberlandia
Belo Horizonte – Vitoria
Belo Horizonte – Vitoria da Conquista
Manaus – Porto Velho
Porto Alegre – Curitiba
Porto Alegre – Florianopolis
Porto Alegre – Foz do Iguacu
Porto Alegre – Sao Paulo Guarulhos
Porto Alegre – Sao Paulo Viracopos/Campinas
Recife – Aracaju
Recife – Fernando de Noronha
Recife – Fortaleza
Recife – Maceio
Recife – Manaus
Recife – Natal
Recife – Salvador da Bahia
Salvador da Bahia – Vitoria da Conquista
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Brasilia
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Curitiba
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Florianopolis
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Porto Alegre
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Vitoria
Sao Paulo Viracopos/Campinas – Brasilia
Sao Paulo Viracopos/Campinas – Manaus
Sao Paulo Viracopos/Campinas – Porto Alegre
Sao Paulo Viracopos/Campinas – Rio de Janeiro Galeao