British Airways removes planned Boeing 747 domestic UK flights in late-Aug 2019

This update is based on information as of 10JUN19.

British Airways in last week’s schedule update removed planned Boeing 747 domestic service, scheduled for late-August 2019. The oneWorld member in late-May 2019 filed various one-time 747 service to Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle on 25AUG19.

These flights are no longer listed with Boeing 747 service. Previously listed schedule:

London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1482 LHR1200 – 1330GLA 744 25AUG19
BA1487 GLA1500 – 1625LHR 744 25AUG19

London Heathrow – Manchester
BA1386 LHR1010 – 1120MAN 744 25AUG19
BA1391 MAN1250 – 1400LHR 744 25AUG19

London Heathrow – Newcastle
BA1326 LHR0920 – 1035NCL 744 25AUG19
BA1327 NCL1240 – 1400LHR 744 25AUG19