Uganda Airlines resumes operation from late-Aug 2019

Uganda Airlines starting next week is relaunching its operation for the first time since 2001, as the airline opened reservation earlier this week. Initially the airline will commence  operations on 27AUG19, with 76-seater CRJ900 aircraft (Configuration C12Y64).

Entebbe – Bujumbura eff 28AUG19 2 weekly (3 weekly from 20SEP19)
Entebbe – Dar es Salaam eff 30AUG19 6 weekly
Entebbe – Juba eff 27AUG19 10 weekly
Entebbe – Kilimanjaro eff 22SEP19 3 weekly
Entebbe – Mogadishu eff 29AUG19 4 weekly
Entebbe – Mombasa eff 27AUG19 3 weekly
Entebbe – Nairobi eff 28AUG19 2 daily

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