Asiana Airlines W19 International service changes as of 18OCT19

Asiana Airlines in the last 2 weeks gradually filed additional changes to winter 2019/20 operation, effective from 27OCT19. Planned changes as follows (selected dates in November 2019 also sees one-time aircraft changes for various routes below).

Seoul Incheon – Bangkok OZ741/742 Expanded A380 service, replacing 777-200ER during following period: 27OCT19 – 12DEC19, 14JAN20 – 19FEB20, 22FEB20 – 28MAR20
Seoul Incheon – Cebu eff 28JAN20 A330-300 replaces A321, 1 daily
Seoul Incheon – Changsha 02DEC19 – 08MAR20 A321 replaces A330-300, 4 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Clark eff 03NOV19 Day 47 operated by 767-300ER (Day 15 from CRK; Selected dates operated by A330-300)
Seoul Incheon – Dalian 01JAN20 – 29FEB20 A350-900XWB replaces A321, 1 daily
Seoul Incheon – Fukuoka 01JAN20 – 29FEB20 OZ132/131 A321 replaces A350-900XWB
Seoul Incheon – Hanoi eff 26FEB20 A350-900XWB once again operates this route, as OZ729/730 and OZ733/734, replacing A330-300
Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong OZ745/746 777-200ER replaces A380 during following period (new dates revision): 12DEC19 – 14JAN20, 19FEB20 – 28MAR20 (Day 36 from ICN)
Seoul Incheon – Okinawa eff 01JAN20 A320 replacs A321, 1 daily
Seoul Incheon – Osaka Kansai 01JAN20 – 29FEB20 OZ112/111 767 replaces A350-900XWB
Seoul Incheon – Qingdao 01JAN20 – 29FEB20 OZ317/318 A350-900XWB replaces 767/A330, 1 daily
Seoul Incheon – Phnom Penh A321ceo/A321neo gradually replaced by A330-300
27OCT19 – 01DEC19 32Q Day x26 333 Day 26
eff 02DEC19 333 Daily

Seoul Incheon – Saipan eff 27OCT19 Increase from 11 to 14 weekly. OZ6233/6243 operates 3 weekly with various aircraft:
27OCT19 – 31DEC19 A320
01JAN20 – 28MAR20 A330-300

Seoul Incheon – Seattle 27OCT19 – 27JAN20 777-200ER replaces A350-900XWB, 5 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Shenzhen eff 31JAN20 A350-900XWB once again operates this route, on 2 of 7 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Taichung eff 24NOV19 Scheduled charter service extended to 15DEC19, 4 weekly A321 with new schedule
OZ7117 ICN1635 – 1830RMQ 321 x246
OZ7127 RMQ1930 – 2250ICN 321 x246

Previously reported changes:

Seoul Incheon – Cairo 06DEC19 – 28FEB20 Scheduled charter, 1 weekly 777-200ER
Seoul Incheon – Chicago O’Hare eff 27OCT19 5 weekly service cancelled
Seoul Incheon – Da Nang eff 27OCT19 2nd daily service introduced on 01SEP19 is maintained in winter season
Seoul Incheon – Dhaka eff 15NOV19 Scheduled charter, 1 weekly A330-300
Seoul Incheon – Honolulu eff 27OCT19 777-200ER replaces A330-300, 7 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Jakarta eff 25OCT19 A350-900XWB replaces A330-300, 7 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Kaohsiung eff 27OCT19 Service converts to regular operation, instead of scheduled charter. 1 daily A321 (A320 from 24NOV19)
Seoul Incheon – Lisbon eff 28OCT19 2 weekly A350-900XWB, scheduled charter
Seoul Incheon – London Heathrow eff 27OCT19 Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly (Day x13), A350-900XWB operating
Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles OZ204/203 777-200ER replaces A380 during following period: 27OCT19 – 11DEC19, 14JAN20 – 28MAR20
Seoul Incheon – Melbourne 26DEC19 – 21FEB20 Scheduled charter, 1 weekly 777-200ER
Seoul Incheon – New York JFK eff 24NOV19 Increase from 1 to 2 daily, A350-900XWB operating
Seoul Incheon – Paris CDG eff 27OCT19 A350-900XWB continues to operate on 4 of 5 weekly flights
Seoul Incheon – Phu Quoc eff 27OCT19 Service operates on regular basis, instead of scheduled charter, 4 weekly A321 (A321neo operates 04DEC19 – 29DEC19, 28JAN20 – 26MAR20)
Seoul Incheon – San Francisco 03MAR20 – 16APR20 Service temporary suspended
Seoul Incheon – Taipei Taoyuan Operational aircraft changes:
OZ713/714 eff 27OCT19 767-300ER replaces A321
OZ711/712 Expanded A380 operation, now scheduled as following (selected dates in November 2019 operated by 747-400)
27OCT19 – 12DEC19 Daily
13DEC19 – 10JAN20 Day x36
12JAN20 – 18FEB20 Daily
20FEB20 – 27MAR20 Day x36

Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita
OZ102/101 A380 operates Day x35 during following period: 27OCT19 – 10DEC19, 16JAN20 – 18FEB20
OZ106/105 eff 27OCT19 A350-900XWB replaces 777 on Day x35

Seoul Incheon – Venice eff 27OCT19 Reduce from 3 to 2 weekly, 777-200ER operating