Cape Air adds Nashville service from late-Jan 2020

Cape Air from late-January 2020 plans to begins service at Nashville, with flights offered to Marion and Owensboro. From 22JAN20, 9-seater Tecnam P2012 Traveller aircraft will operate both service.

Nashville – Marion IL
9K1130 BNA0954 – 1115MWA T12 x67
9K1132 BNA1414 – 1535MWA T12 6
9K1130 BNA1454 – 1615MWA T12 7
9K1121 BNA1719 – 1840MWA T12 x67

9K1120 MWA0738 – 0859BNA T12 x67
9K1131 MWA1033 – 1154BNA T12 6
9K1133 MWA1233 – 1354BNA T12 7
9K1133 MWA1503 – 1624BNA T12 x67

Nashville – Owensboro
9K1290 BNA0854 – 0955OWB T12 x7
9K1290 BNA1049 – 1150OWB T12 7
9K1287 BNA1819 – 1920OWB T12 x7
9K1287 BNA1908 – 2009OWB T12 7

9K1280 OWB0735 – 0829BNA T12 x7
9K1280 OWB0900 – 0954BNA T12 7
9K1291 OWB1630 – 1724BNA T12 x7
9K1291 OWB1719 – 1813BNA T12 7