Frontier Airlines A319 Denver 2Q20 service changes

Frontier Airlines in recent schedule update filed Airbus A319 operation changes at Denver, which would see A319 service scheduled until late-April 2020. Further changes remain likely.

The following is a list of Airbus A319-operating routes at Denver, for the month of April 2020.

Denver – Albuquerque Last A319 service on 21APR20
Denver – Calgary 18APR20
Denver – Cedar Rapids 22APR20
Denver – Charlotte 22APR20
Denver – Chicago O’Hare 22APR20 (One-time A319 service)
Denver – Dallas/Ft. Worth 18APR20
Denver – Fort Lauderdale 20APR20
Denver – Harlingen 21APR20
Denver – Knoxville 21APR20
Denver – Las Vegas 23APR20 (One-time A319 service)
Denver – Little Rock 21APR20
Denver – Los Angeles 22APR20
Denver – Madison 21APR20
Denver – Milwaukee 22APR20
Denver – Norfolk 19APR20
Denver – Oklahoma City 21APR20
Denver – Ontario 22APR20 (One-time A319 service)
Denver – Mobile Downtown 22APR20. Overall service suspended from 23APR20
Denver – Salt Lake City 22APR20
Denver – San Antonio 22APR20
Denver – San Diego 21APR20
Denver – Sioux Falls 21APR20
Denver – Tyler 20APR20. Overall service suspended from 21APR20
Denver – Wichita 22APR20