Singapore Airlines March 2020 Mainland China / Hong Kong inventory update as of 10FEB20

EDIT: Singapore Airlines has filed further update for Mainland China service on late-Monday (10FEB20).

Singapore Airlines last week filed inventory changes for service to Hong Kong and Mainland China, for the month of March 2020. As of 0400GMT 10FEB20, planned adjustment as follows.

Singapore – Beijing 01MAR20 – 28MAR20 SQ802/807 open for reservation (1 daily instead of 3 daily)
Singapore – Guangzhou 01MAR20 – 15MAR20 1 daily service not opened for reservation
Singapore – Hong Kong 01MAR20 – 28MAR20 4 of 6 daily open for reservation
Singapore – Shanghai Pu Dong 01MAR20 – 28MAR20 SQ830/833 open for reservation (1 daily instead of 4 daily)