Mandarin Airlines outlines leases tigerair Taiwan A320 operation in July 2020

Mandarin Airlines in the last 72 hours filed additional changes to its Taipei Song Shan – Penghu (Magong) operation, for the month of July 2020. Latest adjustment sees service entry of tigerair Taiwan Airbus A320 aircraft, which operates up 9 daily flights, from 05JUL20. Mandarin’s overall service on this route is up to 18 daily.

The airline as of last week displayed leased China Airlines 737-800 aircraft, operating 2 round-trip flights. The following is planned tigerair Taiwan A320 operations

AE2361 TSA0720 – 0805MZG 32A D
AE2369 TSA1140 – 1225MZG 32A D
AE369 TSA1210 – 1310MZG 32A D
AE2371 TSA1255 – 1340MZG 32A D
AE371 TSA1510 – 1555MZG 32A D
AE2375 TSA1550 – 1635MZG 32A D
AE2377 TSA1630 – 1715MZG 32A D
AE373 TSA1825 – 1910MZG 32A 7
AE373 TSA1825 – 1925MZG 32A x7
AE2381 TSA1900 – 1945MZG 32A D

AE2362 MZG0845 – 0930TSA 32A D
AE2364 MZG1010 – 1055TSA 32A D
AE2368 MZG1130 – 1215TSA 32A D
AE370 MZG1340 – 1435TSA 32A D
AE2370 MZG1420 – 1505TSA 32A D

AE372 MZG1650 – 1745TSA 32A D
AE374 MZG2000 – 2055TSA 32A D
AE2382 MZG2030 – 2115TSA 32A D
AE2384 MZG2100 – 2145TSA 32A D

The tigerair Taiwan A320 aircraft is also scheduled to operate Mandarin Airlines’ Taipei Song Shan – Kinmen route, one round-trip per day, during the same period. Mandarin Airlines schedules up to 13 daily flights between 05JUL20 and 31JUL20.

AE1263 TSA0810 – 0910KNH 32A D
AE1264 KNH1000 – 1100TSA 32A D

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