Bamboo Airways adds Con Dao with leased E195 aircraft from late-Sep 2020

Bamboo Airways starting next week is launching service to Con Dao, as the airline begins service from Hai Phong, Hanoi and Vinh. Service will be operated by leased Embraer E195 aircraft from Great Dane Airlines, however the airline’s web booking system is displaying as E190.

Hai Phong – Con Dao eff 29SEP20 1 daily
QH1055 HPH0800 – 1015VCS E95 D
QH1056 VCS1650 – 1905HPH E95 D

Hanoi – Con Dao eff 29SEP20 18 weekly
QH1031 HAN0650 – 0910VCS E95 234
QH1031 HAN0700 – 0920VCS E95 x234
QH1035 HAN1330 – 1545VCS E95 x357
QH1033 HAN1400 – 1620VCS E95 x234
QH1033 HAN1405 – 1620VCS E95 234

QH1032 VCS0950 – 1210HAN E95 D
QH1036 VCS1045 – 1300HAN E95 x357
QH1034 VCS1555 – 1815HAN E95 357
QH1034 VCS1615 – 1835HAN E95 x357

Vinh – Con Dao eff 30SEP20 3 weekly
QH1071 VII1320 – 1525VCS E95 357
QH1072 VCS1045 – 1250VII E95 357