El Al to launch Eilat service from Aug 2010

El Al from 01AUG10 to 30OCT10 launches Domestic service of Tel Aviv – Eilat service with Boeing 737-700 aircraft, up to 3 Daily.

Schedule as follows:

LY401 TLV0700 – 0755ETH 73G 7
LY401 TLV0730 – 0825ETH 73G 2
LY401 TLV0830 – 0925ETH 73G 135
LY401 TLV0900 – 0955ETH 73G 4
LY403 TLV1215 – 1310ETH 73G 123
LY403 TLV1230 – 1325ETH 73G 4
LY403 TLV1345 – 1440ETH 73G 7
LY405 TLV1830 – 1925ETH 73G x56
LY407 TLV2105 – 2200ETH 73G 6

LY402 ETH0900 – 0945TLV 73G 7
LY402 ETH0930 – 1015TLV 73G 2
LY402 ETH1030 – 1115TLV 73G 135
LY402 ETH1100 – 1145TLV 73G 4
LY404 ETH1415 – 1500TLV 73G 123
LY404 ETH1430 – 1515TLV 73G 4
LY404 ETH1545 – 1630TLV 73G 7
LY406 ETH2030 – 2115TLV 73G x567
LY406 ETH2230 – 2315TLV 73G 7
LY408 ETH2305 – 2350TLV 73G 6

Note reduced flights and schedule variation in affect from 06SEP10.

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