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CAPALive: IndiGo to recover 100% of int'l capacity by end-2021

Talking at the CAPALive on 9-Dec-2020, IndiGo’s CEO and Whole Time Director Ronojoy Dutta spoke with CAPA’s chairman emeritus Peter Harbison. Some of the key verbatim highlights from the interview can be found below.

IndiGo's CEO Mr Dutta has learnt to use short term plans to navigate through the crisis and communicate at a hyper level.

There has been no financial support from the Indian Government, but IndiGo believes they should be focusing on healthcare, and also on reducing the taxes, as the airline is one of the most taxed airlines in the world.

IndiGo has a strong mission to be a catalyst for growth. Mr Dutta believes "connecting traffic is going to wither".

The airline had no cargo planes but as the demand grew the airline put 11 passenger planes into service with cargo in the cabin.

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