What is Route Exchange?

Route Exchange is the online platform for air service development. Used by thousands of airline network planners and air service development professionals each week. 

10 Member Benefits

1. Audience

Promote your brand and objectives to the 20,000+ air service development professionals in our community.

2. Raise your profile

Raise your profile in the community by sharing information, writing blog posts and making new connections.

3. Exposure

Enhanced editorial exposure, your brand will appear in our featured organisations alongside our editorial content.

4. Who?

Find out who exactly is interested in your organisation. See who has viewed your Route Exchange profile using our Analytics.

5. When?

Supporting data informing you of when our audience is engaging with your brand online - dates, times including the ability to compare.

6. Where?

Detailed information on where in the world users engaging with your brand are from.

7. Unlock exclusive content

Access to our airline provided exclusive content including airline meeting requirements and priority access to RFPs.

8. Targeted Email Campaigns

Campaign your profile content through targetted e-shots before, during and after events direct to your target audiences inbox.

9. Insight

Access key market information from over 225 airlines, informing you on meeting content ahead of events.

10. Full Account Management

All Route Exchange members get the full support of the Routesonline digital marketing team. We provide you with help in updating your profile, interpreting your analytics and advising you on how to best achieve your marketing objectives.

Request for Proposals

Route Exchange is the only platform where airlines can launch an RFP, formalising the network development process and allowing airports to compete for new service and in a standard format stipulated by the airline, allowing airlines access to over 800 airports worldwide.

10+ new routes announced as a direct result of Route Exchange.

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Route Exchange Briefings

Airlines can deliver a briefing at Routes events highlighting markets of interest and data requirements from airports to a large audience of airport route development teams.

Airports can gain first hand insight of an airlines network strategy, their markets of interest and data requirements.

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Join Route Exchange

A 12 month subscription to Route Exchange is more cost effective than a single ad in a print publication. To arrange a free online demonstration of Route Exchange and learn more about how you can easily demonstrate a return on investment from your advertising budget click below.

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What our members say

"We at Scoot view Route Exchange as the perfect platform to deliver the significant opportunity that this RFP will provide to airports offering a transparent process to everybody."

Campbell Wilson
CEO, Scoot

"We are delighted to be able to announce the re launch of service from Antwerp to Manchester with a new operator. We would like to acknowledge the role that Route Exchange played in helping facilitate this route development, an online platform that enabled us to highlight our own requirements, search potential airline partners and contact them directly via an efficient messaging system."

Katleen Pittevils
Route Development, Antwerp Airport

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