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Your Routes 360 membership provides you with an unrivalled platform to connect with the global route development community.

Routes 360 Frequently Asked Questions

About Routes 360

What is Routes 360?

Routes 360 is an all-in-one digital platform for the route development community. The platform provides a central hub to establish your brand, promote route opportunities, and access industry news and information to support your route development strategies. Request a demo to learn more about how your organisation could benefit from a Routes 360 membership.

Who uses Routes 360?

Routes 360 is used by aviation stakeholders including airlines, airports, tourism authorities, and suppliers from around the world. Members are vetted and approved by our expert team to ensure only the most relevant route development professionals can access the platform. View the full list of organisations with a Routes 360 membership.

What are the benefits of Routes 360?

There are numerous benefits to using Routes 360 such as the ability to showcase your brand, access industry insight, promote route opportunities, send bespoke email campaigns, engage with your target audience, and access early Meeting Request System for Routes events. We are always looking for ways to develop our platform and make it easier for our customers to use. For further information about the benefits of using Routes 360, download the brochure.

Can airlines use Routes 360 too?

Yes, senior network planners from more than 235 airlines have a Routes 360 profile. If you are an airline and would like to learn more about Routes 360, please contact the airline team.

How much does a Routes 360 membership cost?

Annual membership is calculated according to the type and size of your organisation. To discuss fees in further detail please contact the team or request a demo of the platform.

Functionality and features

What’s included in a Routes 360 membership?

With a Routes 360 membership, you can access airline requirements, post route opportunities for airlines to consider, deliver up to three emails to your target organisations, upload unlimited news articles, and much more. View the full list of features or request a demo.

How is Routes 360 different from a basic Routes profile?

A basic Routes listing allows your organisation to create a company profile to be listed when you confirm your attendance for a Routes event, with limited access to information from other organisations and other exclusive features.

However, a Routes 360 membership allows you to fully brand your profile, upload unlimited news articles, send customised email campaigns, gain priority access to RFPs, and much more. Learn more about upgrading from a basic profile to a Routes 360 membership.

Can I brand my organisation’s profile?

Yes, if you are a member with administrative access to your organisation’s profile, you can fully customise your Routes 360 profile with tailored colours, a bespoke header banner and logo. Find out more about branding opportunities on Routes 360.

How many news articles can I post?

With a Routes 360 membership, you can upload unlimited news articles and press releases which are shared on multiple touchpoints to ensure maximum exposure. Find out more about news articles on Routes 360

How many email campaigns can I send?

Routes 360 members can send up to three email campaigns each year. To schedule and set up your email, please contact the Routes 360 team.

What are Route Opportunities?

As an airport member, you can upload opportunities for airports to view and consider. Opportunities are added to the dedicated webpage, featured within the Routes Opportunities Digest, and posted on social media. Find out more about the benefits of Route Opportunities.

Can I access Request for Proposals (RFPs)?

As a Routes 360 airport member, you can gain priority access to airline RFPs. If there is an upcoming RFP, you will be notified via email if your organisation meets the airline target parameters, so be sure you’re subscribed to emails from Routes. Find out more about RFPs and how they work on the platform.

As an airline member, you can use RFPs to target geographic areas that you wish to grow networks in and build relationships with potential airport partners. To find out more, please visit the RFPs page or contact a member of the team.

Support and contact

I am struggling to set up my profile, what should I do?

Our user guide provides you with a step-by-step process on how to set up your organisation’s profile, add users and upload content. Download the user guide to get started, or for further assistance, please contact the Routes 360 team.

How do I contact the Routes 360 team?

To speak to the Routes 360 team about further assistance with setting up your profile, upgrading your account, scheduling emails, or any other queries, please email the team.