Air Mauritius FY2012 Asia Operation Changes as of 19MAR12

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As per 19MAR12 GDS timetable and inventory display, Air Mauritius revised planned operation for Bangalore, Chennai, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai Pu Dong and Singapore service for Northern Summer 2012 and Winter 2012/13. Details:

Chennai / Bangalore
Planned service cancellation to Bangalore from 28OCT12 appears to be reversed, as the airline will continue to operate Mauritius – Bangalore – Chennai – Mauritius 1 weekly flight. Reservation is now open
MK746 MRU1930 – 0250+1BLR0350+1 – 0440+1MAA 332 1
MK747 BLR0350 – 0440MAA0610 – 1025MRU 332 2

Shanghai 25MAR12 – 27OCT12 Planned nonstop service starting 25MAR12 is cancelled. The 1 weekly flight will continue to operate via Kuala Lumpur
MK680 MRU2240 – 0940+1KUL1055+1 – 1620+1PVG 343 1
MK681 PVG2125 – 0305+1KUL0420+1 – 0720+1MRU 343 2

28OCT12 – 30MAR13 1 weekly service to operate via Singapore (instead of Kuala Lumpur), no local traffic rights
MK680 MRU2225 – 0935+1SIN1050+1 – 1620+1PVG 343 1
MK681 PVG2120 – 0305+1SIN0420+1 – 0730+1MRU 343 2

Kuala Lumpur
25MAR12 – 27OCT12 Service to maintain 3 weekly from 25MAR12 – 2 weekly combined service with Singapore, and 1 weekly flight extends to Shanghai (See above)
MK646 MRU2025 – 0725+1KUL0845+1 – 0945+1SIN 332 35
MK647 KUL0845 – 0945SIN1105 – 1415MRU 332 36

28OCT12 – 30MAR12 All 3 weekly flights to be operating as terminator service
MK646 MRU2045 – 0745+1KUL 332 135
MK647 KUL1630 – 1930MRU 332 246

25MAR12 – 27OCT12 2 weekly service remains unchanged, operation via Kuala Lumpur (see above)
28OCT12 – 30MAR12 Planned service reduction from 2 to 1 weekly remains unchanged, but will no longer operate via Kuala Lumpur. The 1 weekly flight extends to Shanghai (see above)

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